Chapter 50- Dilemma

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V woke up to the cold once again. She was snuggled up in the back seat of her car cuddled up in all her biggest clothing garments and wearing four layers of clothes. Still she was cold. But that was the reality of someone living in their car in the middle of winter. It was a shame the heater in her car didn't work that well either. V let out a sigh, with her breath fogging out in front of her.

V spent her money carefully, she definitely had enough for a cheap hotel or an inn but in the long term she would be financially unstable if she blew all her money on something like that. Instead she spent her money on cheap takeout's, gas and laundry. The holidays were almost over anyway, and she planned on staying at an inn on her last night before school just so that she could take a long and thorough shower.

It was a wonder how she got by every day. She couldn't remember the last time she ate something wholesome and healthy, nor could she remember the last time she had gone this long without washing her hair. What many would have guessed the hardest part was being lonely. But V seemed to savour this.

She spent her days thinking about everything, and this hurt a lot of the time but in the end it helped her come to terms with everything a lot better. She liked walking through nature and just looking at the world. Every time she got a take out or a cheap coffee from a petrol station she spent a lot of time watching the world move around her. She spent a lot of time watching muggles, finding entertainment from them thinking the world was going to end if the tomato sauce was put on top of the chips instead of the side.

Just maybe she thought to herself; maybe she'd be thinking the same thing if her mother was loyal to Sirius, and Voldemort didn't kill her mother, and Sirius hadn't been framed a mass murderer. Too much to wish for apparently.

V hopped out of her car into the freezing cold empty car park to stretch. She cracked her back, neck and fingers and let out a mighty yawn.

She then caught her reflection in her rare view mirror and saw quite clearly, she had hit a low point. Her hair was almost as greasy as Snape's, and the bags under her eyes were looking darker and heavier then ever, and her skin was not in the normal clear state it once was in. This was probably from all the cheap oily fast food. But despite the grossly unusual reflection staring back at her, V smiled.

Being alone was nice. There was the occasional urge to talk to someone that wasn't a muggle taking her order, and sometimes when she was falling asleep in her cold car she wished George was holding onto her. But other then this she was free. No pesky teachers telling her what to do, no unstable muggle kids pushing her around, and no family keeping a close eye on her. She was free.

V had half a leftover burger for breakfast before going to a public bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. She then went on a walk through the area she parked her car and sat on a park bench doing her transfiguration homework. Towards the end of the day she found a cheap hotel and checked her self in under the name Charise Reynold.

She was excited to finally have a shower and use up all the free soap and shampoo the hotel had to provide. After dragging her trunk up to her room, she did a flop on what seemed to be the most comfortable bed she had ever laid on, but after she had flopped on it,  it let out a low long creak, V got off leaving a mental note to be careful with all the things in the room.

After a half an hour-long shower, V got dressed ready to go out and buy some dinner. But as she was drying her hair she heard a thump coming from the direction of the bathroom. V turned the hair dryer off and looked over her shoulder but there was nothing. She proceeded to dry her hair when she heard whispering. She turned the hair dryer off again definitely hearing whispers coming from the bathroom.

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