Chapter 3- Green House

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In the morning, when V had woken up from a terrible night of sleep, she decided to go on a walk. She put on her school robes and headed out to one of her favorite places, the green houses. Even before she attended Hogwarts, V enjoyed gardening, always keeping a few pot plants at her window sill. Not many knew of this peculiar hobby, not even her friends. The only people that did know were Miss Atterberry (the lady who owned her orphanage,) Remus and Professor Sprout.

Professor Sprout had always been her favorite teacher, as she was always very understanding and fair towards her. A true Hufflepuff most would say. She had also grown to be a bit like a mother to her, as she always encouraged V's best qualities and regularly checked on her well being.

The door to the green house was wide open as it always was, despite the time in the morning. V was greeted by some Venomous Tentacula snapping at her. She giggled a little before backing away and walking towards the east facing side of the greenhouse where the sun rose.

She then watched the morning light peak over the horizon while thinking about everything that was at peace in her life. Then she said them aloud.

"I'm grateful for my friends, who stick by me no matter what and I'm grateful for Herbology, my favorite subject. I'm also grateful for my Godfather who will be teaching me this year in another subject which I like."

She noticed some weeds growing in the dittany and she began to pick at them as she continued.

"I'm grateful that my school provides me with delicious food and I'm grateful for the protection that the school also provides."

"And I'm grateful that I have a student that is willing to help me pick weeds." A voice said from behind.

V whipped her head around to find Professor Sprout with a few gardening tools in her hands. Professor Sprout was wearing her usual patched over hat which had a flower tucked in the brim. She also had a very warm smile which beamed at all. Though she wasn't much of a favorited teacher, she was certainly in the top of V's books. Her and Remus.

"Good morning, Professor Sprout. Just in time for the sunrise." V said beaming back.

"Good morning indeed, Miss Black. How were your holidays?" Professor Sprout asked, pulling out some weeds alongside V.

V cringed a little at the thought of them. She had turned her small room into a mini refuge, basically staying in there unless she was getting food (which was less often then she'd like to admit) or going to the bathroom. Miss Atterberry had noticed that something was wrong and encouraged the girl to get a little sunlight and spend time with the other children. But the only time V went out was at night, and that was so that she could collect the newspapers or odd vintage items.

"Let's just say it's good to be back at school." She replied earning a sympathetic look from her teacher.

"I understand that you're being treated unfairly and if anyone gives you trouble, just come to me and I'll sort them out."

"No one gives me trouble miss, except Rita Skeeter. I really wouldn't mind if you gave her a good speaking to." V said, muttering the last but. Professor Sprout chuckled lightly, nodding her head in agreement.

"I agree, something has got to be done about that woman." Professor Sprout commented.

The two chatted back and forth while weeding till the sun had properly risen and they were in need of breakfast. Together they walked back to the castle and departed ways at the great hall.

V found her friends and sat down next to them, while Professor Snape handed out the time tables. When he handed a time table to V, he looked down at her giving her his famous sneer.

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