Chapter 11- The Nightmare

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There she was, lying on the stair case with blood dripping down her wrist. V crept closer and closer to her, trembling. She knelt down next to the woman and brushed her light blonde hair away from her soft lifeless face.

But then the silence in the room was disturbed by footsteps. Slowly she looked up to see a man in a black fur coat which reminded her of the death omen. The man looked scruffy and worn out, but had a crazed resilient look in his grey eyes which reminded V of her own. V clutched onto the lifeless body as if it were going to save her from her own father.

"Where is he?" Her father asked in a rough voice which echoed when he spoke.

"Who?" V asked with the same sort of echo.

But he didn't reply. Instead he pointed back at her mother with a placid expression on his wrinkled face. V looked back down to find that the light blonde mangled hair had been replaced with wavy red hair. She slowly brushed the hair off the woman's face to find the woman recognizable from all the history books. It was Lily Potter. V gasped and looked up the top of the staircase to find Harry Potter looking down at her woefully, with a stray tear running down his cheek.

V then found herself panting in a bed, sitting upright with cold sweat glistening on her face. She then stumbled out of the bed, falling on the hard floor with her sheets still wrapped around her. V found her arm trapped in something which she tried to free herself from as she started muttering something under her breath that slowly became more and more distinct. "Harry, Harry!" She said repeatedly as if he were nearby and could hear her.

Madam Pomfrey then rushed to her aid crouching down and grabbing onto her shoulders.

"What's wrong dear?" She asked soothingly.

V then looked up to find the school nurse looking at her with a concerned expression then looked around to find that she was in the near empty hospital wing and that the thing that her arm was trapped in was a sling. She didn't need to take long to process all of this and decided it best to play it off as if it were nothing.

"Nightmare." V said plainly sitting herself back on the bed.

"Are you alright?"

"Yea." V said coolly as if nothing had happened.

"Are you sure?" Madam Pomfrey asked not sounding very convinced.

V nodded in reply keeping a neutral expression. The hospital wing was empty and dark with only moonlight shining through the windows to light the place up. Madam Pomfrey then sat at the end of V's bed giving her a sympathetic expression.

"You've been out for 3 days now, we managed to heal several broken bones, with most being in your arm but it's still going to need time to recover." Madam Pomfrey explained.

V's head was pounding but she tried not to make that too obvious. She casually felt the spot which hurt, which was on the top of her head, to find a small bump then slyly brushed some hair out of her face, pretending that was the thing that was bothering her.

"When can I leave?" She asked.

"Tomorrow morning if you want, but you'll have to check in every week till your arm is properly healed."

V nodded, eager to get out and study again (and beat the living daylight out of whoever's damn bludger that was.)

Madam Pomfrey left V to rest so that she could be ready for classes the next day.

The next morning when V woke up, she wasted no time with checking out of the hospital wing and going back to her dormitory to get changed. After she changed into her Slytherin school robes, she went up to the great hall for breakfast.

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