Chapter 2- Hogwarts Express

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After quickly finding her friends in a carriage at the end of the train, V lifted her head up and took her hood off. Since she had found out about her father, she had gotten a lot of mail. Whether it be from her select few friends who provided encouragement or complete strangers who were sending death threats (which was most.)

She had also been featured in multiple articles including one completely surrounding her in the gossip section of the daily prophet, which of course had been written by Rita Skeeter. The article was titled 'Orphan seeking revenge for her deranged father.' She didn't even have to read the article to know what it was about, the title said it all.

The fact that the unfortunate girl had been placed into Slytherin, really didn't help either. But to her defense, after doing a bit of research she found that her father, the most wanted criminal out their had been placed into Gryffindor. She had always used that as a defense when people said that Slytherin was the only house that produced dark wizards. 

This was the first time since she received the news, that she had left the orphanage. She had even gotten her Godfather to do her school supply shopping and owl her books and stationary to her.

She looked over at her group of friends, noticing they all had genuine smiles on their faces alike every year when they saw her.

"You look a bit ill." Her friend, Adrian Pucey stated.

"Good to know." She replied, taking a seat next to the twins, Flora and Hestia Carrow.

"Did you eat too many chocolate frogs?" Her last friend Lucian asked, receiving a smack around the head from Hestia.

"Imbecile." The twins said at the same time causing a smile to play on V's lips. She really missed having company over the holidays.

She would normally stay at one of her friend's houses during holiday time just for a week or so. But unfortunately for her, the twins were on holiday, Lucian's parents were busy with work (And they really didn't want a boy and girl at their house by themselves) and Adrian's parents were on edge about Sirius Black.

You would think that she had been surrounded with buck loads of company being raised in a children's home but that certainly wasn't the case with V. In the orphanage, the children were too young or very vicious. There were times when she was cleaning the bathroom for her daily chore, only to hear someone scream their heads off because someone had put drain cleaner in their shampoo. Most of her time she kept to herself and gave no one any reason to hurt her and so they didn't.

You'd think that V would have turned out very disturbed from all the things she had seen and went through but she was very much the opposite. She kept herself sane everyday by playing a little game at the crack of dawn every morning.

"Did anyone give you any trouble out there?" Adrian asked.

"No, but they didn't really notice me either." She replied. She was also with her Godfather but she really didn't want to tell her friends that her him and his job. Lucian would probably let it slip and then Remus would all of a sudden have a bad reputation.

"You know, most people are probably just scarred of you." Flora said while V gave her a confused look.


"So you could use that to your advantage, scare everyone so much that they wouldn't dare mess with you." Hestia explained.

"I like that." V said with a grin creeping onto her lips.

"That'll also be great for quidditch, all the chasers would be too scared to score a goal with you as keeper." Adrian said.

Their whole group were rather quidditch driven, with Adrian and V being chasers, Lucian being a beater  and the twins as massive fans. V had always been a better seeker but the previous year, when she had finally plucked up the courage to trial, the position was already been taken by Draco Malfoy, but she didn't complain because that scored her a nimbus 2001.

"We'll hear how loud the Gryffindor's can really roar with me at the hoops." V said causing everyone to snicker.

But as they conversed quite gladly, the train started to slow down. The good friends went silent then looked at each other confused.

"Well that was a quick ride." Lucian said earning another smack from Hestia.

"We're clearly not at Hogwarts yet, you idiot." She said pointing out the window. The only thing everyone could see was the rainy landscape of Scotland.

"Is it just me, or has this train all of a sudden gone ice cold." Adrian said rubbing his arms.

Wasting no time, V got up to see what was going on and stepped out into the hallway. Immediately people looked towards her and started pointing causing for her to regret her curiosity. She felt Adrian stand behind her and was grateful that she had some sort of support with her.

"I bet this has something to do with her." A Ravenclaw boy said pointing in V's direction.

"Get your facts right, nerd." Adrian said beginning to roll his sleeves up and stalk towards the boy.

But before anything could happen, all the lights went out and everyone squealed fearfully. V kept her back against a wall so that nothing could attack her unexpectedly, but when she tried looking around the only thing she could see was darkness. It had also gotten colder and a depressing aura rested over the train as if they were at a funeral.

After a good minute or so of girls squealing and guys tripping over each other, the lights came on and to the Ravenclaw boys astonishment, V was still there. Adrian took advantage of the confusion and quickly dragged V back into the carriage. However V had something else in her mind so with a swift movement, she wrenched her wrist free and disappeared into the crowd, leaving Adrian very much confused.

She opened multiple carriages, looking for her Godfather, only to be greeted with gasps from the unexpected students. Suddenly, when she was walking down the hallway with her head down, she bumped into a tall figure. She looked up to find just who she was looking for.

"Remus! Oh, I mean Professor Lupin, I was looking for you." She said noticing that he had a ghostly sick look to him, probably from the recent full moon.

"Are you alright?" He asked probably noticing that she was in a similar condition to him.

"Fine, do you know what happened?"

"It was a dementor, but don't worry it was all taken care of." He explained while V nodded understandably.

"No wonder it was so cold." She muttered, rubbing her arms the way Adrian did.

"Well the train will be starting again soon so you best get back to your carriage."

"Alright, see you at the castle." She said with a wave and headed back to her carriage.

Soon they were at the great hall, gossiping away as all the students waited for the headmaster. V was grateful that people were talking about the dementor attack rather than herself but some people still gave her funny looks and distanced themselves from her.

Dumbledore stood up causing everyone to go silent and began with his start of term speech. He touched base on the staff changes which was of course her Godfather in the defense against the dark arts post and surprisingly Hagrid with the care for magical creatures post. He then went on to explain what the dementor's were for and as soon as people got the hint that it was because of Sirius Black, people started to stare in her direction.

Instead of sinking in her seat like she thought she would, she took the twins advice and glared at everyone who starred at her, causing them to look away in freight. She noticed Flora and Hestia trying to contain their laughter next to her.

"Gold." They both whispered to her making it very hard for her to keep a straight face.

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