Chapter 52- A Secret Club

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V sat in bed too anxious to do anything most evenings. She tried to motivate herself in her head by telling herself she should go to the library to study. But she just couldn't; there were people in the library, people that would take any opportunity to hex her.

On top of this she had caught a cold and had been feeling increasingly miserable. Her bed was littered with tissues and sheets of parchments from all the essay writing she had been doing. She often fell asleep in the middle of her studying due to the new convenient location she had been doing it.

The only time she traveled somewhere that wasn't her bed or class was when she needed something to eat or she had quidditch. Her next quidditch game which was against Hufflepuff was slowly approaching and there was increasingly less time to prepare. She didn't really care though. There were bigger things on her mind like the group of Deatheaters that had broken out of Azkaban, and the blame that her fellow peers were putting on her and Sirius for the break out.

George often tried talking to her but she couldn't stand the looks that people were giving him every time he was seen with her. She hated the idea of him getting dragged into her problems.

V was shaking and sneezing in the cold of the quidditch field early on the second Thursday of term as she packed up the equipment used by the team in training. Normally the team would stay behind and help pack up but this particular morning was too cold for anyone to think of anyone else other than themselves. They all had run to the showers, each wanting to get in first.

She was shaking rather violently as she picked up the last of the quaffles but continued to lug the trunk full of gear to Madam Hooch's office. V couldn't feel her fingers as they gripped weakly around the trunk's handle. Out of nowhere a mud puddle appeared in the middle of the snow and just like that she tripped on nothing into the mud puddle.

V barely had time to gasp or put her hands in front of her or anything as she fell with a splash. As soon as she hit the puddle, she heard a distant snicker and once she had looked up to see who it was she saw a group of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff students running towards the castle laughing.

One with noticeably golden hair turned around and yelled, "Stay in the mud Deatheater!"

V was already in strong discomfort from the cold so being hexed really didn't help her mood. She slowly got up trying to fumble for her wand but her hands were too numb to reach into her boot and grab it so she slowly shuffled to Madam Hooch's office.

She wasn't bothered to knock so she left the trunk outside her office and hugging onto herself she walked back to the castle. Her teeth chattered as the muddy water she fell into froze onto her quidditch gear and hair. She felt dreadful. After swiftly making her way through the castle to the dormitory she grabbed her uniform and headed to the showers where the Carrow twins seemed to have notice her.

"V!" Flora said grabbing onto her arm. "What on earth happened to you?"

"Quidditch." V mumbled.

"Surely there isn't any mud this time of the year though, isn't it all just snow?" Hestia asked.

"Well I guess I also got hexed but nothing out of the ordinary." V replied flatly. The look in her eyes were rather dead and uncaring which concerned the twins greatly.

"Who? We'll send Adrian and Draco after them-"

"The whole school wants to hex me so why does it matter the person who did it?" V deadpanned. She then grabbed her towel and headed to the shower not bothered to talk anymore.

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