Chapter 36- Grimmauld Place

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V and Remus then arrived in V's room in the orphanage. V had to briefly sit down, feeling sick after the unexpected apparition.

"What the hell is going on?" V then snapped at Remus who was pacing around her creaky room.

"The deatheater's are after you and we need to get you to the headquarters as soon as possible." Remus said in a rush but this wasn't enough for V.

"What? Why me? And what do you mean by headquarters?" V asked all at once.

Remus let out a long sigh. "It beats me why they'd go after you, but something tells me your father knows even if he's not telling anyone. And headquarters? I thought your father told you?"

"Oh, Grimmauld Place."

"Right, well is there anything more you need from here before we apparate?" Remus asked.

"Are you kidding? Where's Miss Atterberry, we need to talk to her first." V stated firmly, crossing her arms.

Remus let out another long sigh. "One of the deatheater's poisoned her through a coffee she got at Kings Cross when she was waiting for you. She's currently at St Mungo's and she's not really in condition to give you permission to go or not."

V's eyes widened at this. She didn't even think that the deatheater's knew who her legal caregiver was, let alone poisoning her. V was trying to figure out why they were after her out of all people. This would have been understandable to her if her father was a deatheater but he wasn't, in fact he was the complete opposite of a deatheater, despite what the public may think.

"That's horrible." She muttered.

"All the more reason why we should get going as soon as possible." Remus snapped.

"Ok, ok, wait- my car." V said. "I'm not leaving my car."

"Are you kidding?"

"I spent a lot of money on it and I only ever get to use it in the summer holidays. I am not going to stay anywhere over the summer without my car and I mean it ." V stated seriously.

"Of course you're not." Remus said irritably. "I really hate how stubborn you are sometimes."

So with a moody Remus, V packed the remainder of her things and they left a note for Miss Atterberry for when she got out of St Mungo's. They then ended up driving to Grimmauld Place with the two bickering about the right way to read a muggle map but they got there eventually.

They arrived a little after midnight with it already being late when they left. V almost fell asleep at the wheel multiple times, only to be snapped awake again by a freaking out Remus who probably wasn't too used to driving in a muggle car by an overly tired driver. Grimmauld place V found, was truly a grim old place with identical grey townhouses stretching from one end of the street to another. The houses were grand though, with all the buildings being quite big and tidy as though they'd belong to a dull old politician.

V parked her car in a place in between number eleven and number thirteen like Remus had said to do then the two of them stood on the street outside the townhouses.

"But, Remus." V yawned, "I thought you said that the house was number twelve." V said letting out another yawn before asking, "So where is it?"

But before Remus could answer the question the street began to rumble violently, giving V a jolt awake and the buildings in between the boundaries of number eleven and number thirteen began to move a part. In between the gap another townhouse appeared, just like the others except a little less better taken care of.

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