Chapter 17- The Quidditch World Cup

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The last week of the holidays were a drag leading up to the Quidditch world cup. Lucian, whose father worked for the department of magical games and sports, managed to secure four tickets and Lucian invited her and Adrian to the world cup. Adrian, Lucian and V got very good tickets so they didn't need to stay at the camp site before the game, they just got to go to the game and leave.

V had drove to Lucian's house, making sure to park her beat up car far away from his house. She walked down the road looking around the grubby streets, the houses were small, and all in need of paint jobs. There were tattered pieces of clothing hanging out on clothing lines making V feel a bit sorry that she had ever thought Lucian was stupid. She then turned another corner down to Mildred Avenue as this was where Lucian said he had lived. The houses had the same sort of condition as the street before but as she neared house number 84, there was something she hadn't quite expected.

There were 2 iron gates that led down a driveway with sycamore trees lining it. In between the trees were various florescent flowers that reminded her of some sort of mystical land.

Just as she began to wonder how she was meant to get in with a big iron gate in the way, the gates started to automatically open. She slowly proceeded inwards feeling glad that she wore her best clothes. She had one nice pair of jeans that she managed to preserve for all her nice occasions and a green spaghetti strap singlet which she wore to show her support for Ireland.

V felt tense walking down her friend's nicely pruned driveway and kept on making sure her posture was straight. Then, when she turned she saw a grand villa standing in front of her with what looked like a house elf sweeping up leaves. The villa was painted an olive green and had a white skirting with thorny hedges surrounding the house. V's eyes widened, as she regretted ever feeling pity for Lucian, as he clearly didn't need any.

The elf then dropped her broom and walked over to her with squinted tired eyes though it was obvious that its eye sockets were huge.

"Excuse Saddy, but is Miss, Miss Black?" The house elf asked.

"Er, yes." V said sounding surprised.

"Come through, Miss." The house elf said leading her right up to the front door.

Saddy had a belt with a hoop of rings attached to it and fumbled to get a big shinning silver key to open the front door. As Saddy opened the door, V noticed that it was wearing an old tea towel with a grubby rose pattern on it.

The house elf opened the door and held it open for V as she gazed around at the very nicely furnished house. She stepped inside, thanking the elf who then backed away without a trace. There was an instant where she thought even her best clothes were no good in this household but then she looked upwards to a staircase on her right and changed her mind about this, screaming at the same time.

Lucian had hurtled right at her wearing green face paint over half his face. He banged right into her causing them to fall onto the floor while she heard the laughter of Adrian from the top of the stairs.

"Lucian Bole, why are you on top of this girl!?" An incredulous voice said from their side. Adrian had just doubled over with laughter.

V then pushed him off indignantly. "I was wondering the same thing." She said sending him a sharp glare.

"I didn't see her! Honest! I was just sliding down the hand rail and then there she was in front of me." Lucian said standing to his feet.

V looked over to see the man which must have been his dad standing in an Iris quidditch jersey but wearing a blazer and a nice pair of trousers which the shirt was tucked into. He was chuckling at his red faced son as Lucian shrugged his shoulders.

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