Chapter 46- Slytherin versus Gryffindor #2

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Christmas was already starting to come near and it was planned that the Weasley family were to come to Grimmauld place to celebrate. This made V very happy as this would mean two weeks of spending time with George without having to hide away from everyone.

But in the meantime, V had a whole lot of studying to do and a quidditch game tomorrow, and it wasn't just any quidditch game. It was her first one as a captain and it was against Gryffindor too.

V had been jittery all during their morning practice that day and Lucy had to help settle her down multiple times. V had full faith in her Chasers and Keepers, but she was unsure if Draco was truly matched for Harry. She was also very unsure in Goyle's cooperation as a beater.

On top of this, V was running out of time to hand in her scrolls for defence against the dark arts. Professor Umbridge had been setting to much of pointless homework that V had lacked motivation in doing. Professor Umbridge was by far her least favourite defence against the dark arts teacher she has had, she longed for the days her godfather had the post.

Professor Umbridge had also spent a lot of time randomly glaring at V, this was a bit after her father had sent the letter. This made it almost certain that Professor Umbridge was intercepting the owls and had intercepted her fathers.

As well as getting up early for a quidditch practice, V had also stayed late at the library to get a start on her homework. V walked back to the Slytherin common room absolutely exhausted and wasn't even bothered to get to her bedroom. Instead she crashed on one of the leather common room couches hugging herself for warmth.

"V- Wake up!" Someone said as they poked her side.

"Ahhh- Piss off." V grunted in a small voice as she hugged herself tighter.

"V!" The person said louder.

V opened her eyes and found Flora standing over her and Adrian behind her wearing his quidditch uniform. Adrian looked as though he were about to throw up and Flora looked quite anxious.

"What time is it?" V asked suddenly sounding a lot more alert and sat up.

"Don't worry, its only 8, games in three hours." Flora said.

V let out a sigh of relief but then frowned up at her, "Did you guys really leave me to sleep on the common room couch the whole night?"

"Everyone was too anxious to wake you up, you were sleeping so peacefully and we figured that if we wake you up you might get pre-game jitters and not be able to get back to sleep." Flora replied.

"Huh, good call." V said with a crack of her back.

She then got up and got ready for the match. She headed to the great hall for breakfast wearing her quidditch robes and started to feel like she was going to throw up. She walked down with Lucian who was idiotically happy as usual and Adrian who was in a similar mood to V. When they sat with the rest of the team, V found that everyone else was rather cocky about the coming game, especially Draco which was no surprise.

"Look at the Gryffindor team, they look terrified don't they Goyle?" Draco asked and Goyle snickered in reply.

"Gryffindor should be nervous, but so should you lot. They beat us last time, remember?" V stated and Lawrence rolled his eyes.

"Look V we're a talented team and we've been training way harder then the lot of them. Being nervous is just going to throw us off track." Lawrence told her and she was starting to realise that he had a point.

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