Chapter 27- A Normal Girl

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V had rejected a total of twenty four guys to the yule ball, including Stefan who asked three times before giving up. Deep down, V knew the only person that she would say yes to would be George but they seemed to be ignoring each other at this point.

Once again, it was the early morning and V was walking down to the greenhouse thinking of all the things that she was grateful for, her father seemed to replace George on the list. There was a thicket of white now as she trudged through the grounds and her breath fogged around her as she breathed outwards. She didn't look anywhere near as warmly kept as she should have been for someone going out in early morning snow but V had to make do with what she had.

V pushed open the door and found Professor Sprout who wasbusy with defrosting all the windows with a heat charm.

"Goodness V, you need a scarf and gloves for this weather!" Professor Sprout exclaimed

"I know, I know." V muttered knowing perfectly well that she did have exactly those things but they were stolen from her at the orphanage.

"Anyway, take these before your hands fall off." Professor Sprout said before handing her a pair of thick gardening gloves which were much needed as V could barely move her fingers.

V slipped her hands into the gloves and tried to move them about in hopes of getting her blood to move again. She sat at the bench then, hunched up still recovering from her cold rush.

"Don't pressure yourself into coming out here V, it's not worth catching a cold." Professor Sprout said thoughtfully but V just shrugged.

"I needed some air and without Quidditch, this seems to be my best option."

"Right, you miss that sport don't you? Anyway, you don't have to do any-"

But before Professor Sprout could finish, V had already hopped off her stool and began to help with defrosting the windows. Professor Sprout couldn't do much but shake her head in dismay, while chucklling a little at how truly helpful and eager V was.

"Well anyway dear, I suppose you're staying for the yule ball these holidays?" Professor Sprout asked.

V nodded her head. "Yes, well I'd be staying anyway."

"Of course but naturally I haven't seen any students fourth year or above make a move to pack which is surprising as the holidays are tomorrow."

"Well anyway, if I did have a home to go home to then I probably would anyway. I'm just not feeling the spirit of the whole thing." V replied.

"Ah well, I see what you mean. If you don't mind me asking, do you have a date to the ball?"

"Er, no." V replied.

Professor Sprout then scrunched her eyebrows together. "Really, I could have sworn that a Hufflepuff, Augustus Thompson asked you." She said looking contemplative.

"Maybe, but I've probably rejected him." V said not really trying to think back to the situation.

"Ah, I should've known you would be a bit more selective about these sorts of things." Professor Sprout said wisely, "I bet quite a few boys have asked you."

"Yea, but I'm worried that it's all for the wrong reason." V replied with a frown deepening on her face

"What do you mean?"

"Well I guess everyone's asking me because, I'm not sure how, but it would 'cool' to go with a mass murderers daughter, you know? I'm not sure but I think that's my main theory for why I'm getting asked so much."

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