Chapter 54- The World Giving Back

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It was V's last week at Hogwarts and the first exams were starting while V was doing her last. She had gone into total isolation mode studying and preparing for her exams. In her small gaps of time, she would spend time with George, though they made a note to meet up in secret away from Professor Umbridge in the name of not getting any more detentions.

Rodger Davies had spread the word about what V had done for his sister around the school. This had split the school in two; people who treated V like the school's new unsung hero and people who thought that it was all a cover up for her dark nature. She didn't care though, she was way too preoccupied with other things.

There were of course her early exams and preparations for her internship, and then there was all the Deatheater drama and still having to deal with her name randomly popping up in the daily prophet as the infamous journalist Rita Skeeter continued to slam her and her father for being responsible for the prison break out. But there was no valid evidence backing her case so it didn't bother her much anyway. There was also George acting a bit strangely and being oddly secretive. V knew it was because of his and Fred's business booming but he hardly gave her even a taste of the exclusive details.

Draco had also been acting very strange around V, as if he were her older brother and knew what was best for her. V was about to leave the common room to meet up with George in the first classroom on the fifth floor when Draco had stopped her in her tracks.

"Where do you think you're going?" Draco asked gripping onto her arm rather tightly.

V brushed his hand off her before answering. "The library." 

"Perfect, I'm also going there, we can go together." He insisted.

V sighed. "You caught me, I'm not actually going to the library, I'm going to see George." V replied honestly, not bothering to try shake him off her trail.

"I've told you a thousand times, its not safe for you to be seeing him." Draco then leaned in closely and spoke in a quieter tone. "The dark lord is not merciful, he will not be forgiving if he finds out you're dating a blood traitor."

"I don't care anymore Draco, if the dark lord wants to kill me for who I love so be it. I would rather die with my heart surrounded by those who love me than be lonely and cold for the rest of my life like the way he wants me to be." V said sharply walking away.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." Draco called after her but she didn't even spare him a glance.

She made her way to the first fifth floor classroom where she found George leaning against a desk twiddling with his wand. He looked up seeing her and smiled at her widely.

"Good afternoon love." He said walking over to her and hugging her tightly.

V kissed his check but then grimaced as her forearm brushed a little too roughly against George's side.

George noticed, pulling away and scanning V's face. He then gently grabbed her arm and rolled up her sleeve. V's eyes glanced at the word whore which was still engraved in her arm but she could never look long.

"I tried to heal it with a healing potion but the magic Professor Umbridge used is too strong. It's starting to heal on its own though." V said trying to stay positive.

"I mean it looks better than last time." George added, but he still looked sad when he looked at her arm. He then rolled her sleeve back down and gently planted a kiss on her hand.

"There is a Dumbledore's Army meeting on now." V told him.

"I know." George said but instead of suggesting going along to it he pressed his body against hers and brushed his thumb against her check. "I just want a bit of time with you first." He whispered in her ear.

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