Chapter 28

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"Sure enough, it happened. I'm pregnant, and proud to be" I said laughing into the phone to my mother. She laughed and talked into the other end of the phone. "Oh baby, I can't wait to see you" she cooed on the other end.

I laughed and sat on the sofa. "I know, I miss you. Did you and daddy get those tickets to the game"? I asked. "Yeah, we got me' can't wait to see Rod kick the lakers but. But you know your daddy is a lakers fan" she said. I laughed.

"Well, he can enjoy seeing them getting beat court side" I exaggerated. I laughed with my mother and soon hung up, I always enjoyed talking to her she was the highlight of my day. I sat and rubbed my stomach I can't wait until it got big like everybody else's. I'm so excited to be a mother and start a family.

I watched TV and thought about how my life has made a drastic change over the years. How I was a foster child living with an abussive foster mother, feeling like life was pointless. Then to loosing weight due to my best friend who I don't even here from anymore. I wonder how she's doing, I wonder what life is like for her back in Chicago?

So I decided to call. I'm hoping this was still the same number. I listened as the phone rung three times in my ear. "Hello"? The familiar voice answered and I started to tear up. She's the reason why I'm who I am to day and I barely speak to her.

What kind of friend am I? "Hello"? She called out again. "Hello? Is this Lashay? I questioned. "Yes, may I ask who's calling"?

"Hey, it's me Janelle" I assured her. "Janelle? Long time no here from what makes you want to call"? She asked.

"I've missed you"

"Oh, I can tell"

"Are you upset with me? I've been a horrible friend. You made me who I am today and I abandoned you, I'm so sorry please forgive me"

"It's fine Janelle, I'm fine. I've tried reaching you but yiu never answered. I wanted to congratulate you and Rod. I'm proud of your brother" she said.

It's been so long she doesn't even know.

I laughed. "Shay, he isn't my brother"

"Excuse me"?

"He's my husband and baby's father"

She sounded confused. The end got quiet and then she made an awkward noise.

"How"? She questioned. I explained the story and then we laughed together and caught up in old times. It was really good to hear from her. I promised to get her tickets to the game. I can't wait to Jaydin, Jr and her.

Things have been going great for me, I'm married now I'm happy I've lost weight. I'm just so happy. Nothing could spoil me, nothing could change me I'm just blessed that God allowed me to become the person I am today. A lot of times I thought I wasn't going to make it but here I am today.

We are all in a particular places in our lives. I'm glad to be here.


"You cooked something? I'm starving" Rod through his bags in the corner and stormed into the kitchen. "Hello to you to" I said plopping down on the sofa turning on the TV. Love & HipHop was on. He laughed as he rambled through the cabinets for a plate and in the drawers for silverware.

"Sorry baby, I've been waiting to eat" he sat down next to me with the fullest plate of spaghetti I've ever seen. My eyes widened. "Damn, is there any left"? I asked sarcastically. He chuckled and filled his mouth.

After he finished her did me the honors by washing the dishes for me. I loved when he did that. He cuddled up next to me and rubbed my stomach. I smiled and rubbed through his soft curls. I loved these moments.

The telephone rang and I tried getting up but Rod insisted I stay put. He answered the opine and handed it to me. "Hello"? I dropped the phone and started to cry from the news. "What's wrong"? He asked. "My mom, had a heart-attack"

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