Chaptet 23

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It makes me laugh. It really does. Look at his ass, look at him trying to come marching his ass in my life. Typical dead beat to come strolling his ass in my life at this point in my life. I'm doing well, damn good as I'd like to say it, and here come his ass. I refuse to let him be my setback, I'm just gone keep going. Fuck that nigga. Fuck him then, and fuck him now.

I woke up earlier then usual to get in some extra practice. I just couldn't get Richard, my father off of my mind. I just now started to practice with the team and now this shit. I wasn't playing my best and it was very noticeable. The coach blew the whistle and told the team to take five. I grabbed a towel and sat on the bench and through the towel over my face.

Moments passed and coach came and stood I front of me. "Mitchell, what's the problem"! He asked "you are number one drafting pick and your playing like a rookie, what's going on"? He questioned.

I sat up and looked him in the face. "Nothing coach, I'm just off a little I'll play better" I told him. "Well you need to play better son, we don't slack on MY team. Get it together or stay on the bench" he yelled pointing his finger in my face.

I didn't come this far to be sitting on the bench, so I need to get my head in the game. This was the only freedom I got. Break was over and we started a game. I wanted to prove that I could be the best at this. The ball was passed to me and the d was weak. I took the shot and scored for my team.

The game was over and so was practice. "Good game bruh" I felt a pat on my back and looked up to see Lebron. "Thanks man" I said drying off my face. "Good game" Wade said following the rest of the team. Damn I can't tell you the joy I felt.

I used to watch them and just dream I'd play just a game with them and now, I'm on the team. God has truly blessed me. Man, Lebron was my idol and now look.

I grabbed my gym bag and headed out. Before leaving I was stopped and invited out with the fellas to go to a club and ride around. Of course I took the offer, hell I didn't hesitate to say yes.

I drove home excited about my day. I opened the door to see a sleeping Janelle. I kissed her warm Carmel skin and cuddled up next to her. "Good practice huh" she said lowly. I chuckled and answered "oh, so I can't just love on my wife when I come home"?

She sat up and looked towards me. "Wife"? She questioned what I said. "Yes wife, I better get used to calling you that, because you're the one who I want to marry and I'm going to marry you soon so get used to me calling you that".

She smiled big and kissed my lips softly. "I love you" she spoke. "I love you too"

Richard Mitchell

It's been on my mind. I can't sleep I can't eat, I've made a huge mistake, I should've stayed. Now look at me, begging for forgiveness and it's not even being taken in for consideration. I watched interviews of my son. Damn he's doing great, he looks just like me too.

I turned the TV and sat and looked pitiful. My wife, Bridget, came in to the living area and stood beside the couch with her arms folded. "Richard? What's the problem? You've been acting so strange lately. Are you not happy here"? She questioned.

I huffed and tried walking away. "Bridget, you won't understand. May I have some space? Please" I asked trying to get passed her. "No, you may not. Dammit Rich you've been moping around, coming in at late hours and trying to stay away from us. When's the last time you've kissed your daughter goodnight? Huh"!

"20 years ago" I screamed. She looked at me strangely and sat in the sofa. "Excuse me" she chuckled a bit and looked straight up at me "my daughter is seven. SEVEN RICHARD" she yelled obnoxiously.

"So what are you saying, you have some other kid laying around somewhere that you fail to mention"? She asked

"Dammit Bridget. Yes! And I regret ever leaving them I have a 37 year old daughter name Pam. And a 19 year old son named Rodkevious, and another daughter name Janelle. Is that what you wanted to hear? Damn" I said storming out the front door.

I'm sick of her in my face.

Bridget Mitchell

Another family! He's failed to mention this bullshit to me. We've been married for 8 fucking years and I'm just now finding out he has children. I should've listened to my mother and git a back ground check on his old ass.

His fucking daughter is older than me. I'm 32 and she's 37 what in the actual fuck is wrong with this picture. It explains why he's been looking up this big time draft pick shit. He's been looking at his son.

He stormed out before I could even get a word in. I don't give a fuck. He's been hiding something so big like this from me, there's no telling what else he's been hiding. He probably has another wife stashed off someplace else too.

Trifling motherfucker. Doesn't even matter though. I'm sick of this bullshit. This is probably a regular thing. He prays on young girls that are getting over a heart break and then runs out on them.

I'm sick to my stomach. Not again, not again will I go through this bull shit again. That motherfucker got to get the hell out my house and out my house now. I snatched the ring off of my finger. Trust me this will be pond, I need the money anyway. And a divorce is on the way, he can't be trusted, and I won't trust him.

Me and Felicity will be at my mothers. It's sad on her, she doesn't even know this and is too young to understand it all. I change my mind, I'm not going anywhere, he's leaving.

I went into our master bedroom, opened the closet on his side and yanked out all of his clothes and placed them in suitcases. I drug the bags downstairs and placed them in front of the door. I'm sick of this shit.

"Mommy, are we going on vacation" my daughter asked as she saw me drag the last bag to the front door. I tried whipping away my tears and fast. I got down on my knees and looked her in her face.

"No baby, just daddy and he'll be gone for a while" I told her. "Where's daddy going"? She asked. "Umm, daddy will be ok he'll be back sometimes" I told her. "Ok" she said prancing back to her bedroom.


It's been 2 hours and Richard hasn't come back yet. I chuckled deviously and sat on the sofa with my half drunken bottle of wine. I've tucked my baby in already. Now I'm waiting for my sorry excuse for a husband to return.

Probably out with his other wife. I stayed up another hour and he finally strolled in. I clapped indicating for the lights to come on. He just stood there nonchalantly.

"You don't even have to come all the way in, take your bag, get your shit and leave" I yelled pointing towards the door. "Bridget, cut that shit out! I pay bills I work you live with ME" he said back.

"Wrong, this house of MINE is in MY name. Not yours, so get your shit and leave" I said once more. "And where else am I supposes to go Bridget"? He asked. "I don't know, maybe to your other wife's house. But you can't stay here so you got to get the HELL OUT" I screamed.

I guess we were yelling to loud due to Felicity standing at the end of the steps. "Go back to bed sweetie" I instructed her to do. "Daddy's already back from his vacation"? She questioned.

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