Chapter 36

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Although you know this is the LAST AND FINAL CHAPTER, I'll try & make it the best one I can. I really appreciate your patience & support on this story. Thanks for reading! Oh and a sequel may be on its way.


"Oh so I'm not"? I questioned with a smirk. "No, your not. What the hell is wrong with you man? Get the fuck up out of my house"! Rod shouted. I laughed; laughed at how foolish this nigga could've been to be talking to me like this. I can end your life in a matter of minutes, in a matter of seconds. "Terrence just leave". Pamela spoke from the corner. "You think you were just gone run out on me? With my daughter? Huh?" I yelled. "You didn't even want her" she screamed back. I laughed again. She clenched Symphony tightly in her arms. She begin to whimper. "You need to leave". I heard Janelle's mother say. "And you need to shut the fuck up, I'm gone leave when I'm good and ready. And I'm not leaving until I get what I want. My daughter and my wife"! I yelled pointing my knife in their direction. "Wife? Terrence we aren't married, Nor will we ever be"! Pam assured me. "Funny you should say that. We're gone get married and that's the end of this conversation". I shot back at her. "What the fuck is wrong with you"? Rod questioned.

"Nothing, I'm just coming here to get what belongs to me".

"Don't shit up in here belong to you; listen dawg, this.. Up in here, this my family! So you can get the fuck up out of here"

"It's funny how you stand so bold to yo killer. You know I can end yo life right now and you know it. You think you doing something huh? Living it big here in Miami, then forgot all about where you came from huh ? You were a poor nigga just like the rest of us in Chicago. And you know something else ? I never liked you! Always living in yo shadow, and I was the better ball player. This should be ME IN THE FUCKING HOUSE AND NOT YOU. I deserve this shit, I worked hard while shit was always handed to you". I screamed.

The room was silent. "No nigga, you weren't the better ball player. You don't deserve shit 'cuz you're a coward. Coming in my house threatening to kill me over your envy, your jealousy. You say I 'know' your worthy of killing me? So do it". He urged.

"Rod" Janelle whimpered.

"I'm calling the police" Janelle's mother assured.

"You ain't calling nobody. Put down the phone or I'll slit your fucking throat". I said through clenched teeth. "So you don't think I'd kill you Rod"? I said stepping closer to him flicking open my pocket knife placing it at the base of his throat. "I don't here you talking".

"I'll give it to you bruh, you got heart standing over me like you God or somebody, but let's see how much heart you got now". I reached into the bridge of my pants and grabbed my gun, cocked it, and aimed it right at his chest. Widening his eyes, he too a deep breathe and stepped back. "Yeah, you scarred now"! I cheered.

"It's time for you to go".

Janelle cried and begged in a corner. I cocked my gun once more and aimed it towards her. "You got three seconds to stop that fucking crying before I start blasting you"! I yelled.

Now aiming my gun back towards Rod. I smiled seeing total fear in his eyes.

I felt something heavy hit the back of my head sending the gun flying towards the ground. I felt the back of my head and felt a moist substance. I was bleeding.

"Get the gun"! Janelle yelled.

Me and Rod wrestled for the better half. Janelle interfered only to be kicked in the face by me sending her to black out and stretched out on the ground. I snatched the gun, cocked it, and shot three times.

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