Chapter 8

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I sat in the seat, and starred blankly out the window. I was nervous, nervous as hell. Where was he taking me? I few months ago I probably wouldn't even care, but that was a few months ago! This is today.

We slowed, and I noticed we were pulling up into a driveway. "Come on, ain't no sense of you being scared. It's just my house, Ian want you out in the cold". I felt a bit relieved, but I was still cautious. I got out and followed behind him. "Look Janelle, I'm not about to hurt you, nor try anything with you". He admitted.

"Thank you". I finally said. He just nodded and unlocked the door. "So, is this yours? Or ya moms"? I asked. "Mine". He said dryly. "Oh, well it's well decorated, it's very nice". I said trying to start conversation. He thanked me and went down the hall.

"I have an extra room, and here's some clothes, you can take a shower". He said. I was a bit curious. Who's close am I about to be wearing? "If you don't mind me asking, who's clothes are these"? He smirked. "Calm down, there just my sisters. She's out of town on business". He assured me.

I smiled. "Ok". He shook his head and laughed. "So, where's ya mom"? I asked sitting down on a near by sofa. He just looked down and looked at his feet. "Uh she, uh-". I cut his sentence short. "If you don't want to tell me, it's fine, I completely understand.

"It's fine, I don't mind, she died, durning child birth". He admitted. "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that". I said. He nodded. "It's fine, I've lived here with my sister since I was little. I never met her, I was only one, so I don't remember much". He said.

"Oh, well I'm going to take a shower now, is that okay"? I asked. "Yeah, that's fine, down the hall to your left". He said. I walked down the hall, and examined the photographs on the wall. My heart skipped a beat. I shook my head and closed my eyes tightly, and opened them, my mind had to playing tricks on me.

I starred closely at the picture, the woman looked, she looked just like my mother!


I never knew much about my mother. Except for what my sister told me, and from the home videos we used to watch. Her name is Patrice. She died when she was giving birth to my sister, I never met my sister, she was given up for adoption, that's what my sister, Pam told me. Pam was 17 at the time. So she remembers it all.

I wish I would've met her, but I haven't so I just have to deal with it all. Something about Janelle reminds me of my mother. She sort of looks like her too.

My thoughts were interrupted by the front door opening. "You still up"? Pam asked walking past me. Pam is 37 she's the only mother I've ever known so I treated her with respect. We have fun, and act like brother and sister at times but I'll never disrespect her.

"Yeah". I assured her. "Why you back so early"? I asked her. "Things ended earlier then we all expected so, I came on home. That ok with you"? She joked. I chuckled a bit. "Yeah I guess so". I said.

She laughed. "Boy you know you missed me". She said sitting on me kissing me cheek. "Eew, Pam get off of me". I said whipping off my cheeck. She laughed and got up.

Janelle came out, and Pam looked at me as if she'd seen a ghost. "Who is she"? She asked. "Pam, this is Janelle, Janelle, this is my sister Pam". I said introducing the two of them to each other. "Hello". Janelle said.

"Hey". Pam said dryly. "Come here Rod". She said. I followed her into her bedroom. "What's up"? "I said no company when I was away, and especially no girls. Ain't no telling what would've happen if I was to to come back tonight". She said.

"Pam, it's not like that. She's just a friend". I assured her. "Whatever Rodkeveious, you think I'm stupid"? She asked placing her hands on her hips.

"Nah, but delusional my be a suggestion". I said getting irritated. I assumed that was the wrong thing to say due to Pam slapping me hard across the face. I tightened my jaws and walked out.


The little girl looked behind familiar. I knew who she was, but I knew Rod didn't know. How was I suppose to tell him that that was his sister? Huh? I couldn't take care of the both of them, so I had to give up one.

When mom died in the hospital, when she was giving birth doctors told me I had options. I had no money, and my little brother was all that I had and my daddy, his ass ran out when momma was pregnant with some younger bitch.

Momma was sick, having another baby was a bad choice but she wanted one. She bled to des the during birth and it was the saddest day of my life. Was it bad that I blame that girl for my mothers passing ?

Rod didn't know, and I'm pretty sure she didn't have a clue either. So this is a secret I can take to the grave.

"It's not her fault Pam"! I heard that similar voice and turned around to see my mother Patrice standing in the corner with a warm glow around her figure. "Stop blaming your sister for my passing, it was just my time to go". She said calmly.

"Well who's fault is it momma"? I asked. "No ones, God called me home, that's all. She's your sister, your family. The last little bit of me who's left, fix it". She said. Her figure slowly faded away.


Patrice knew why she still roamed the earth. Her family wasn't where it was suppose to be. God let her do limited things but not everything. She couldn't help that Janelle was unhappy with her life, but what she could do is ask God to send someone her. She can't rest in peace until she feels like her family is where they belong. Janelle knows there might be a possibility that her and Rod are related, but she's not so sure.

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