Chapter 21

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I can't take this bullshit! Pam has done if again, she never fails. I've had it with this bitch, she wants war I'll give her war. "Where are you going"? Rod asked me while I gathered all of my clothes from the closet. "I'm leaving" I assured him. "Why, over that? Janelle don't let Pam fuck this up"! He scolded. "Fuck what up? Everything's already fucked up. This is a fucked up ass relationship for a family. If I wanted to be treated like shit I'd stayed with Christine"! I yelled. He just stood there and lowered his head. "Exactly" I said continuing to pack my things. Before I knew it I was being pinned against the wall and rods lips met mine. I tried fighting back but his grip was so strong. I finally got loose whipping off my lips. "Rod what are you doing! You're my brother" I yelled.

"And are we so sure of that Janelle? We got that test from Pam which we never saw the papers, so do we really know" ? He questioned. "But what about my mom, your mom who's been visiting us"? I questioned. "You make a point Janelle, but stay let's find out for real" Rod convinced.

Patrice watched as everything happened, it hurt her heart to see it but she felt bad for not being completely honest with all of them. In her eyes Janelle was her daughter, but in reality she really wasn't.

Flashback(20 years ago)

"Patrice, I really want this baby" Danyella, Patrice's bestfriend cried into her arms. "I know honey, I know" Patrice said soothing her best-friends pain. "We can try and work something out" she suggested. "What? What can we do? Doctors say it's no way me in my condition can carry a baby! I've tried three times and lost them all. I can't go through this again Patrice". She cried. "I'll do it for you, it'll be and easy process. Doctors'll take the egg and place it in my uterus and I'll carry the baby for the full nine months" she told her. "Patrice you'll do that for me"? She asked in concerned eyes. "Girl of course"

Sure enough they went on with the procedure. But as time progressed Patrice found her self becoming more and more attached with the baby growing inside of her. She was sick, doctors didn't know how long she would survive with the stress from the baby. She didn't care she wanted the baby. She ran off her family by the danger she was putting on herself. She felt like Janelle was found to be something special.

She soon found herself dogging Danyella, running away from her, ignoring phone calls, not coming to the door when she came over, having people lie for her. She knew it was selfish and ungodly of her, and that is was breaking her bestfriends heart. Soon Danyella stop trying. She moved far away from Patrice trying to forget, but day by day she still can't. Patrice has apologized to Danyella, but still has grief on her heart. She still can't rest in peace. Everything is unraveling and she needs peace and peace now.

End of flashback

It's been a week. Rod convinced me to stay, and today we were finally going to find out the truth. We dressed and was on our way for the DNA test. Questions have to be answered.


We gave sample blood and waited for the doctors to come back out. "Results should be in a week" doctor Mason told us both. We nodded and left. When we got home Pam was there on the sofa crying. I looked at her form the corners of my eyes and sat down on the sofa. The room was quiet, and then the room got extremely cold.

It's been a while since my 'moms' spirit visited us, and I'm sure she's very unhappy. "I haven't been completely honest with you all" she said getting straight to the point". "What do you mean"? I asked.


She told us everything. The DNA test doesn't even matter. I know I don't belong in this family. But where was my mother? My real mother at that. I was shocked, heartbroken. I've been lied to, I bet Pam's happy though. I don't even think there is a bright side to this. "So where can I find this Danyella"? I asked. "She lives here, in Chicago off Madison Avenue" she assured me before her figures slowly faded away.

Wow, I'm finally going to meet my real mother. I grabbed rods hand and we left. I found myself asking everyone I saw of the knew this Danyella and gladly one woman did, and now I stand in front of her home. I knocked and waited for an answer.

A shorter light skinned women with long black curly hair answered. I smiled and she asked "can I help you"? "Hello, I'm Janelle Richards. Are you Danyella Scott"? I asked. "Yes, I'm she, how can I help you"? She asked. "Do you remember who Patrice Mitchell is"? I asked. I watched her clench her eyes tightly and tears began to flow. "Yes" she managed to say. "I'm your daughter" I assured her.

She pulled me into her arms and we sinned together. Finally peace. I know who my mother is, I can hold her in my arms. Catch up, spend some time with her. It was all so real. I'm so blessed.


We stayed at Danyella's, well my mothers house for a while and talked. I learned so much about her. She was just like me. I can't imagine the joy I feel at this moment. We soon left and I promised I'll be back tomorrow. We went back home and I laid down on the bed and so did Rod. "So I guess we can finally make this official" Rod suggested. "I guess" I said.

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