Chapter 6

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We pulled up to a well known club called 'The Birds" it was packed, and the line was enormous. I have no patience so I didn't plan on standing in the line. Thank goodness Lashay new the security guards so we didn't have to wait. I heard a few comments but I just laughed an shook it off.

The club was packed, I stayed close by Lashay because I had no clue what to expect. I followed her to a small section with a round sofa couch and a few extra people. The section was filled with 4 other girls and some guys. One particular guy I knew. He was Rodkevious.

"Hey y'all this my girl Janelle, it's her birthday and I wanted her to get out". She said introducing me to the girls. "Janelle, these my girls, Candy, Tasia, London, and Tabitha". I smiled and waved. I'm not used to being around so many people. Lashay was the only friend I've had, so I was intimidated when I saw the other girls.

We sat on the sofa couch, and listened to the music. A bartender brought a bottle to the table and Lashay and her friends sis t hesitate popping it open. I looked over and saw Rodkevious and a couple of his friends eyeing me.

I noticed him walking towards my way and I tried to lower my heart rate. My heart start beating triple times, and my palms got sweaty. I was nervous but I tried to keep composer. He sat down next to me and eyed me. "You don't mind me asking you your name, do you"? He asked.

"Janelle". I answered dryly. It dawned on me. He would've never even thought to talk to me 200lbs ago. So I really don't want to talk to him. He licked his lips and looked at me up and down. I felt naked by his stares.

"so, Janelle, you look good. You in school"? He asked trying to hold conversation. "Yes, I am". I said dryly. "Where do you attend"? He asked. "Richmond". I answered.

His face went blank, and I knew he knew who I was. I smile wide and began to walk away. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back. "Uh, is your name Janelle Richards"? He asked. "Bingo"! I said smiling and snatched away from him, walking out of the section.


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