Chapter 18

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I can't believe he just hung up in my face the way he did. What a coward, I wasn't going to sweat it though because he hasn't heard the last of me. That was a promise. I continued to do some more research and I found out some more information. The internet really makes if easy to get in your personal life. I looked through his Facebook pictures and he seemed to be really happy with this 'new family' of his. His wife I'm assuming her name was Bridget and his baby girl. She looked rarely young around age 6 or 7. It just blows my mind to know he just ran out on his family and started a brand new one like nothing even happened. And I could bet all the money in my pocket that they don't even know we exist. Not for long!


I got the hit out for that nigga Rodkevious. I hope 'ole dude watching his back, I'm coming for him hard not giving a fuck the consequences. I'm coming for his out clean but dirty. Meaning I'm killing dirty but doing it so clean I'm not even gone get caught. I'm pissed with this nigga, I been horny in the little ass hospital bed but my dick can't raise indicating that I don't fucking have one! You know how many sexy ass nurses come in here giving me the eye, but I can't do shit because my dick is gone, sad thing is, I don't know where the fuck it is.

Rod better watch his back I'm coming for his ass hard. He must've forgot who I was. Dammit I'm Terrence Davis I run this shit. I already set this shit up. He going down and I won't sleep until he dead.

Richard Mitchell (Somewhere in San Antonio, Texas)

I hung up quickly. Damn how did she even get my number? I wasn't ready to face that part of my life. "Who was that"? Bridget asked sitting down next to me with the popcorn. "Oh, um nobody baby. Wrong number" I lied. I felt bad lying to Bridget, I really did. But I couldn't let her find out a about this she'd be crushed. I haven't once mentioned to Bridget or my baby girl that I had another family hidden off somewhere.

She shrugged it off and handed me some popcorn. "Daddy, daddy, daddy, can we watch the little mermaid"? Felicity asked running in jumping into my lap. I laughed and kissed her cheek. "Of course we can baby" I said spoiling her once again.

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