Chapter 5

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It's been about 10 months. I've watched myself slowly progress into the woman I am today. I'm 18 now, and I'm celebrating my birthday with my best-friend, Lashay. She has been a true blessing. My mom still pays me occasional visits in my dreams, and tells me and shows me that she's so proud of me. I appreciate the support, but I wish I could be with her, or wish she was here with me.

I stepped down off the scale. "I'm nervous". I admitted to Lashay. "Girl, don't be. You look great, no you look fantastic". She announced. I smiled, "girl really"? I asked anxiously. She chuckled a bit, "yes, I'm serious Janelle, you look amazing". She said. "Take a look". She said. I opened my eyes hesitant, and stared at myself in the mirror. I shed a tear or two, and just, starred.

"See, Janelle, you've come so far. You started off weighing 356lbs, and now you only weigh 143lbs, your so strong it took me a year to loose 200lbs, it only took you 10 months". She bragged. I was speechless. I remember having to put two mirrors together to see my whole body, now, it's one. I'm so excited. I can walk around and not feel ugly, or disgusting. God, I can't express the happiness I've felt.

Lashay smiled and rambled through my closet. "What are you doing"? I asked confused. "Finding you something to wear, we're going out tonight, it's your birthday and you look good. So therefore, we're going out". She said throwing me a nice blue satin dress.

I chuckled blankly. "Out where Shay? Christine ass gone trip if I come in 'too late' and all Ian ha-" My sentence was cut short by her interrupting me. "Ah hush, you spending the night at my place, so here, put these clothes in a bag, I'll wait for you down stairs in the car". She said laughing.

I shook my head, and stuffed the clothes in a bag and left. It won't hurt Christine if I had a little fun, now would it? Besides, it is my birthday.

I walked down the concreted stairs down to Lashay's car and got in. We drove in silence until we reached Lashay's. I carried my bag upstairs and made myself at home.

"Heyy, Jaydin. Heeeeyyyy man". I said playing with Lashay's baby boy. He was the cutest little boy ever. He was Carmel brown, jet black curly hair that was cut just right pecan brown eyes and a smile that made my heart warm. He was perfect.


Shay did my hair, and we got ready to go. She gave me a sew in, and I really liked it. It was much better than my shirt frail hair. It was an 18 and 20 inch so it ran long down my back.

After doing my hair, she did my makeup. I put on my tight fitting dress that hugged my now visible curves and looked at myself in the mirror. This is the first time I felt beautiful in my entire life. She stood next to me and smiled. "You look beautiful". She announced. I turned to her and hugged her tightly. "Thank you". I said.

She laughed. "It's no problem".

Jaydin came in and asked Shay something. "Oh, sorry I don't mean to be rude. I'm Jaydin". He said introducing himself. We laughed. "Bae, that's Janelle". He looked at me funny. "Yiu look great Janelle"! He said hugging me. "Thank you". I said.

It feels good, it really does. Now I'm ready to go out and show off the new me. The new Janelle Pamela Richards

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