Chapter 15

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Damn, that's all I could say. Janelle looked amazing. Who was I kidding? The bitch was sexy as fuck! Toned legs, natural curves, her titties sitting up just right in her tight fitting v-neck. Damn. Just a few months ago this porky bitch was near over 300 pounds, now she's a supermodel, I want her, and I'll do anything to fuck with her. I prayed my way into her bedroom and laid next to her, placing my arms around her waist admiring that think ass of hers. Just looking at it made my dick raise at ease. She jumped and turned facing me ordering me to 'get out' but I refused. I wasn't leaving until I got what the fuck I wanted, and that was her. She ain't just gone prance around in my face, looking at me side eyed with that gorgeous body and think I won't get a taste of that ass. Ain't no bitch got away from me, and I wasn't about to let Janelle be the first to.

"Stop playing, get the fuck out of my bedroom Terrence". She hissed. Her titties jumped from her pointing strongly at the door. I licked my lips slowly admiring her full figure. Damn I wanna taste that. "No, you want me and I know you do. C'mon baby, you might as well stop playing with me and admit it. I've seen the way you look at me, so stop playing and give it to me" I said grabbing on to her arms. She snatched away forcefully raising an eyebrow. "Nigga I don't want you, nor will I ever want you. So do yourself a favor and get the fuck out". She barked. I wasn't taking 'no' for an answer, so she should get used to me being in her presence, because I'm not going no where.

I chuckled a bit. "You don't get it, do you Janelle? When Terrence wants something, he gets it. No matter what it is. Get it? So stop playing games with me. We can do this the easy way or the hard way". I began loosing patience.

She looked at me in disbelief, followed by a burst of laughter. "Nigga, am I suppose to be scared? A year ago you didn't want me now you all up in my room trynna get with me, 'cuz I don't know what you and Rod been smoking on if you think you bout to get anything in here. Please leave"! She commanded. I tightened my jaws and put my head down. She was really testing my patience. "Seriously Terrence leave my room, I need some rest". She said nonchalant.

"Nah, not to you give me some"! "What"? She asked confused. "Not until I get some pussy bitch. Now stop fucking around and give me what I came in her for". I said sternly but soft enough not to wake anyone. She backed up against the headboard and tried flipping the covers back so she could leave. Rookie mistake.

"Bitch you think I'm fucking playing with you"! I screamed yanking her forcefully towards me by her ankles. I pinned her down and kissed her neck. "You gone give me some". I assured her.


I really thought he was joking. He was serious? I was scared, beyond frightened. Before I know it Terrence whole demeanor changed. I was drug by my ankles until his strong grip pinning down my arms as his heavy body hovered over me like his weak prey. I was over taken by fear. His body left mine defenseless.

I was afraid. I screamed as loud as I could and wiggled around trying to get away from him and his stronghold. Soon regretting the scream that departed from my lips from Terrence thrashing me twice against my lip. My mouth filled with the taste of warm blood and I got angry. "Shut the fuck up". He demanded. I screamed again this time being welcomed by his huge hand being placed over my mouth and nose stopping pay breathing. "Be still, this won't take long" he hissed. Thinking to myself, where in the hell is my brother? Where is Pam? Do they not here me screaming for help? Or do they, and just don't give a damn about what's happening to me.

I felt my shirt being ripped and I began to cry, letting tears fall one after another. "Damn, better then I imagined" he said beginning to lick and suck on my breast. I sat and cried. Here I was loosing my innocence, being raped for crying out loud and no one here to save me.


I heard the door open, making Terrence jump up leaving me there with crying eyes. "What the fuck you doing man"? I heard Rod say loudly. "Man nothing" Terrence lied backing I to a near corner. "You Trynna rape my fucking sister, in my own fucking house"! He screamed loudly, forcing me to jump. Never seeing the monstrous side of Rod made me scared. He looked over at me with a busted lip and watery eyes and then looked over at Terrence with tight jaws and began balling up his fist.

He left the room, and I heard him ramble through some drawers. I heard a clacking noise them he came back holding up a gun aiming it right at Terrence. "Give me one reason why I should let you live"! He asked coldly. Terrence begged and pleaded and cried his eyes out. "Wrong answer" Rod said aiming the gun down to Terrence's penis cocking the gun once more and firing.

Terrence fell to his knees and held on tightly to his bleeding penis. "Ahh, Man what the fuck"! He screeched in agony. "Why should I let you live"? Rod screamed pointing the gun rapidly towards Terrence. "You already shot my dick off"! Terrence managed to say through the up coming blood leaking from his mouth. "Wrong. Answer". Rod said. Shooting Terrence in the right arm. Terrence body jumped, grabbing on to his arm in pain. All the noise seemed to have awakened Pam.

She screamed at the sight of a half dead Terrence pleading for his life in the corner. "Rod. What are you doing"? She asked in scarce. He looked over at her backing away aiming the now cocked pistol towards her. She raised up her arms backing away. "If you don't want to be like him, I'd advise you to back the fuck up". He instructed her making the gun pattern match every word he said.

"Why should I let you live". He asked Terrence once more. "C'mon man"! Terrence cried gasping for air. "Wrong answer". He said shooting him in his left arm. Terrence squealed out loudly. I was terrified. I've never seen Rod so angry. I was trembling. Hoping he would kill Terrence, but scared to part my lips thinking I'd get the same treatment.

"Get your shit and go before I change my mind". Rod finally said dropping his arm to his side still clutching on to his gun. He turned around and walked out. Pam didn't hesitate moving out of way and taking a breathe of relief. I watched as Terrence limp body drug hisself helplessly across the floor leaving a puddle of blood behind him. "I dare any one of you to help him". I heard Rod's voice croak through the thin walls of the mid size home.

Pam looked over at me in fear. She came and sat next me and held on to me. "Oh my gosh, honey are you ok"? She asked holding up my face by the chin examining my busted lip. I shook my head yes still in shock of what I just saw. "Good, you don't have to worry about him any more" she assured me.

"Pam"! I heard Rod yell out causing me and Pam both to jump form the sound of his voice. She looked over at me once more before getting up form the bed. "Yes"? She asked him sounding afraid. "You didn't here shit that was going on"? He asked with tight lips. "No" she said with out hesitation. He twisted up his mouth and walked out. I was scared for my life.


I didn't get any sleep at all. The terrifying night that just accursed kept re-accruing in my mind. I never seen anything like that a day in my life. Rod was crazy. I got out of bed lazily and glanced down at the Terrence's blood that was still on the floor. I jumped at the sight and stepped over the mess. The blood trailed all over the house. I walked around the corner to spot Rod cleaning it all up. He glance up at me and them back at the floor. "Sorry you had to see that happen". He admitted. I shook my head yes and walked outside. I needed some fresh air.

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