Chapter 16

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It felt as if everything was in slow motion. My whole life was on repeat, from the times with Christine beating my ass for the most dumbest things, to me first seeing my mother, and falling in love then finding out he's actually my brother. All circling around me, and I just can't escape. I'm
Paranoid. Never in my life would I expect to see someone almost murdered in front of my own two eyes. Regret filled over me. Regret for coming here, I should've just stayed where I belonged. I've lost the weight I'm proud of my body, I'm beautiful, but why do I feel so worthless? Why do I feel like this life of mine still hasn't started up. When will I, Janelle, find happiness?

I walked slowly to my bedroom and laid down on my bed. I tried ignoring the fact that I had the person who tried to rape me blood all across my wooden floor. So I starred blankly at the ceiling. Thinking, thinking about what life could've been like if my mother would've never died. Why couldn't I be like everyone else and have a normal family? Why did my father run out on Patrice? I want him to see us now. I want him to know how well we are with out him. So he can know what he missed out on.

I wanted to find the man that ran out on my mom when she needed him most. Maybe with his love and support she could've held on longer. He just ran out on her. If I learned anything from Christine was men aren't no good. When you can't provide for them, and satisfy your every need they'll leave you high and dry and take your pride with them, and I believe her. But I refuse to think that he ran out and didn't miss anything, because he did. I want him to suffer and regret he ever walked out on his family and I was going to find out where he was. A little journey won't hurt. I need to clear my mind anyway.


I searched through old photo albums and looked through the pictures. I'm assuming this warm brown colored man was our father. He resembled Rod a lot. They could almost be identical. I guess that's why Pam's so clingy towards Rod because he looks just like our father. I looked at the happy moments that I read with my eyes and a wave of sadness came over me. I never received those happy moments, never had a family.

I dried the lost tears that had fallen and continued to flip through the album. "What's that your looking at"? Pam said startling me. "Oh, um nothing just a photo album" I admitted. She joined me and looked with me. "Is this our father"? I asked jumping straight to the point. She hesitantly answered "yeah, his name is Richard, Richard Mitchell" she said smiling blankly at the photo. "Oh, he looks just like Rod" I admitted.

She smiled and just nodded her head. I stood up and headed to my bedroom. I had all the information I needed to head on my journey. Journey to find my father, Richard Mitchell.

Somewhere in San Antonio, Texas

"Bridget? Bridget? Come her baby, I got something to show you". I called my wife, Bridget in the living area to show her the new Michael Kors bag she'd been begging for I new she'd b excited. "What Richard, dammit I'm trying to cook this food before the banquet and you know that" She complained. "Just shut up and come look". I said cutting to the point. She huffed and sat down on the edge of the sofa. "What is it"? She asked nonchalantly.

"Close your eyes" I said "dammit Rich, can you just come on before I burn up my damn food" she whined. "Close your damn eyes" I barked. She finally closed her eyes, I grabbed the bag form behind the sofa and handed it to her "open em' " I instructed. She slowly, yet annoyingly opened her eyes. "Aww, baby thank you" she said jumping into my arms. I smiled enjoying her embrace and told her she could continue to cook. I watched her dance her way back into the kitchen and shook my head and walked upstairs to check on my daughter, Felicity.

She was such a daddy's girl. I know I'm 54, but Bridget is 32 and we're in love. I met Bridget after a long run of depression when I lost my wife 18 years ago. I was alone for 10 long years until I met Bridget. She was so beautiful. I met her at a Christmas party 9 years ago and we've been in love ever since.

Felicity is 7, she reminds me so much of my eldest daughter, Pam. She was a daddy's girl too. It crushed her to see me walk out but the death of Patrice took a tole on me and I couldn't stay. I begged her not to go through the pregnancy, but she wouldn't listen. She swore it was 'Gods will' and all that other bullshit. If it was his will then she wouldn't have fucking died.

I miss her so much. But I love Bridget, she doesn't know about my past life. She doesn't know I have children. 3 children that I practically abandoned. I know that I'm horrible for that. But I'm pretty sure their doing just fine with out me.

Ok well whatcha think? Kinda boring huh? Just needa a fill in chapter for what's about to occur

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