Chapter 33

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Two knocks, and an enter; I whipped away my tears quickly and forced the fakes smile upon my face. She was drying her hand with a dish towel.

She must've been cooking or cleaning.

"What's the matter Janelle"? Momma questioned sitting at the edge of the bed beside me. I chuckled softly and brushed it off. "What? Nothing ma! I'm fine" I lied. I was confused, hurt and felt like Rod wanted nothing to do with me anymore. Some might say I'm overreacting, but I don't think I am. He's been so redundant towards me lately, and it's starting to worry me. Is he gone leave me? Leave his pregnant wife? I felt the panic that formed over myself. "Janelle"? My mother called interrupting my thoughts. "Huh"? I asked. "Why you breathing so hard"? She asked.

I didn't even notice my breathing had increased. "Oh no reason" I lied again. "Listen, I'm not gone sit here and listen to you lie to me, what's going on"? She questioned, now standing with her hand on her hip.

I sighed and put my knees to my chin." It's Rod" I admitted. "And what about Rod" she edged. "He's been so redundant, and he's been yelling at me lately" I confessed. "Maybe he's stressed, have you all talked about it"? She asked.

"No, questioning leads to yelling, and yelling leads to me crying in the corner, stressing myself out, and that won't be good for the baby" I told her.

She let out a heart aching sigh. "Janelle, in a marriage you have to communicate. Without communication there is no marriage. You and Rod are newly weds in a open relationship with the world so things can get hard, and you being pregnant won't do anything but be more stressful. Give him some time and then tell him how you feel" she said.

I nodded and then she kissed my cheek and began walking out. "I won't be surprised if I burnt the chicken" she said laughing and leaving the room. I chuckled a bit and then laid down. I'm still a little sad about all of this.


"Stop it Terrence, your hurting me" I yelled out. I was pinned down under his grip trying to free myself. "SHUTUP, not don't you ever say that to me again you here me" he screamed in my face.

I didn't answer.

He slapped me hard.

"Do you hear me"?

He asked again sternly. My face stung and it began to throb in agony. When I had the chance me and Symphany were getting the hell out of here.

"Do you hear me Pamela"? He asked me again raising his hand just incase I didn't answer him. He was treating me like a child, like I was Symphany. What's his problem?

"Get off of me now Terrence" I screamed loud enough for anyone to hear me. He looked at me like he wanted to beat the shit out of me.

He looked around the room, and raised his body from mine. Yanking me up by my arm he instructed me to get up. "Ahh" I called out in agony. Damn was he trying to rip my fucking arm off.

"Shetup" he said quietly.

I got up and snatched away from Terrence's tight grip. I ran over and picked up Symphany and made a way towards the door. Terrence ran up behind me placing his hand on the door, blocking our way to get out. "Terrence get out my way or I'll scream at the top of my lungs and tell them what you just did. Your putting me and my baby in harms way... Now move" I yelled.

He tightened his jaws and moved from in front of the door. I took one last look at him and left. The nerve of him to put his hands on me. I should kill him. I tried doing the right thing by letting Symphany get to know her father but Terrence will never see Symphany again.


Making my way up the concreted steps in front of Rod's I took a deep breathe. I needed to apologize. I shifted Symphany's weight to my other hip and knocked on the door. Moments later the door swung open and Janelle stood there with her hand on her hip. "Pamela" she said nonchalantly.

"May I come in"? I asked.

"Why should I let you in? Do you have any weapons? Searching for revenge"? She questioned sarcastically.

"Janelle please, I'm here to apologize" I admitted.

She huffed loudly and widened the door so I could step in. "Rod" she called out before sitting on the sofa. A few seconds later I saw his shirtless body with a rap around his shoulder.

"Wha-" he stopped in mid stride before he looked at me with full rage. "What the hell are you doing here"? He asked me. I stood up and walked towards him.

"I'm just here to apologize Rod. I-I know I was wrong.... Please forgive me" I begged.

He chuckled blankly leaving me in suspense on what he was to do next. "Sorry huh"? He said looking down at me due to our height difference. "Yes. Rod I'm sorry I was angry and-" "Pam you think that's an excuse? Because it's not. You could've actually done some damage to my arm and then what"?

I felt like I was being punished like I was the child and he was the adult. My actions were childish I admit, but I'm apologizing isn't that enough?

"Rod, I'm sorry" I said in exhaustion. "I bet you are" I started to respond to his comment but Symohany started to fuss; she must be hungry, or wet. Rod stretch his arms out taking Symohany from me. "Where's Terrence"? He asked walking away from me.

"Long gone" I told him. "What do you mean"? He questioned as he rambled through the cabinets for formula. "I mean exactly what I said; he's long gone"

He walked back around from the kitchen shaking a bottle. "So your telling me he left again". He questioned in confusion. "Rod he's crazy, I don't want Symphany witnessing her mother being handled like that". I admitted.

"Handled"! He yelled raising an eyebrow.


She threatened to scream at the top of her lungs so I moved. I was pissed. How dare Pam say I won't see Symphany. My daughter again? As she walked out of the hotel room door I was furious. I kicked over the chair and gripped my curly hair.

"Fuck" I yelled out. I'm pissed. I paced the hotel room back and forth looking for answers. Listening to the various voices in my head I screamed out in agony as they told me what I should and shouldn't do.

Grabbing and covering my ears hoping they'd stop, until one took over. I grabbed my bag, and headed for an elevator. Pam has fucked with me for the last time.

I caught a cab, paid the diver and asked him to take me to my destination. Time for me to get rid of Pamela.


I walked up the paced concreted steps and knocked on the front door. "Come on" I said sternly. Looking around various ways. Reaching in my pocket clenching onto my pocket knife. I tapped my foot as I waited for an answer.

The door swung open and I pushed it the rest of the way with my shoulder causing Janelle to fall helpless to the ground. "Aye man what the fuck do you think your doing"? Rod asked rising quickly from the couch. Quickly grabbing my pocket knife I pointed it towards him. "Back up Rod, I can do this easily only if you make it easy, I'm here to get Pam, and my daughter" I told him.

"You ain't here to get shit" he yelled. I turned my head slightly to the left. I lowered my pocket knife and walked around the living area. "Oh so I'm not"? I asked sarcastically.

"You heard me" he assured me.

I'm going to love seeing how this'll end.

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