Chapter 30

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It's almost game day. I've been on my game lately and I'm not stopping. Janelle wanted her mother Danyella to stay with us for the week so she could keep an eye on her, she's been a little shaky about the heart-attack so she doesn't want to miss a moment with her mom, which I don't blame. I dint mind her staying I love Mrs. Scott she's like a mother I never had, we have plenty of room here so she's more then welcomed to stay.

I rolled out of bed and got dressed to go to the gym. I need practice so I'm going in extra early for some one on one time with myself. Walking onto the court made me feel like I'm one with the world. I grabbed a ball, gripped it tight and dribbled hard smacking the ball into the ground, faking left then right I went up for the shot. It's my time to shine and I'm gone shine!

Practice was hard as fuck, coach ain't playing around. He gave us some long ass speech on how winning ain't everything but it feel damn good to win. And we need to play our hearts out if we want to be the best and win the championship. I want a ring. We listened to him speak and then showered and got dressed. I left the gym and drove home.

On the way back my phone ring. I answered it. "Hello"?

"Hey Rod" Pam spoke into my ear.


"We'll be there in the next hour or so" she spoke

"Who is we"? I asked confused

"Me, Symphony, and- and her father" she sounded hesitant when she said father. I was wondering who this character was, and I vowed to myself I was gone smack the shit out of him when I saw him for leaving my sister and my niece. Such a cowardly move.

"Father? Who is he"? I questioned.

"It's-its a surprise I don't wanna ruin it bye"

"Pa-" she hung the phone up quickly knowing I hated surprises. The phone call left me anxious. I hated that feeling. I want to know who the father of Symphony was but not in this way.

I got home, took a shower and laid next to Janelle. I kissed her soft warm skin and rubbed her now visible baby bump. "I can't wait to see my little boy" I said while rubbing her stomach. She turned over and giggled, "and what makes you think it's a boy? It's going to be a girl" she said rubbing her stomach. I laughed "nope, it's definitely going to be a boy" I argued. "We'll see, and when I prove you wrong. You're going to have to give me a lil sum sum" she said giggling before kissing my lips.

I laughed and pulled her close. I can't explain how happy she makes me.


I ended the phone call early, I got more nervous the closer and closer we got to Rod's house. "What did he say"? Terrence questioned. "Nothing really, but I can tell he won't be happy with the surprise" I informed him.

He sighed and sat back rubbing his head. "Pam, I don't want any trouble. But I can't keep hiding this secret" he said. "I know, I don't want to hide it either" I told him.

We drove up the hill to Rods house and parked in the driveway. "Damn, this one big ass house" Terrence spoke in awe. I laughed and took the key out the ignition "I know". I took Symphony from her car seat and walked to the front door as Terence followed behind.

I knocked and waited for an answer. The door opened and there stood Mrs. Scott. She smiled at me and looked at Terrence confused. "Hey y'all, come on in" she said. I stepped in slowly and took a seat. I gave Terrence a signal so he could sit. He sat.

"Rod? Rod, you and Jay come on out your sister here" she yelled out. She came over by us and picked up Symphony and played with her. I heard laughter down the hall and then I saw Janelle stop in her tracks.

"Pam please tell me this is a joke! Terrence what the fuck are you doing in my house"? Rod yelled.


I couldn't help but play those painful memories in my head. He almost raped me and here he was in my home. "Yeah, Pam is this a joke? Why is he here? I questioned. She sighed and stood up from the sofa. "Rod, this-this was the surprise I was telling you about. She pointed to her left. "This is Symphony's father" she admitted.

I widened my eyes and scratched my ears. Was I hearing this correctly? Did this bitch just say that's my niece's daddy? Do we not see the age difference here? Pam is 37 fucking years old while Terrence is barely pushing 19. That's disgusting. That's like fucking your son.

The image of him and her burns in my mind with pure disgust. I could really vomit in my mouth. "Pamella, do you see the age difference in that? That's disgusting" I called out. "Janelle; don't! Do not go there with me. It happened ok, and it'll continue to happen if I WANT IT TO. I'm grown and so is he. If I want to fuck a two year old I will, and it's none of your business. She pointed her finger at me before turning to look over at Rod.

"Rod, I didn't come to cause trouble. I know ended on bad terms, and I understand why you were mad, and your probably still are. I'm just here for clarity man" Terrence stated trying to plead his case.

"So when I was out on walks you faked sleep so you could fuck my sister"? He questioned not looking up from the grown.

"Come on man don't make it sound that way" he shared. "So when I was out on walks... You faked sleep so you could fuck my sister"?

"Yeah- but look at the blessing it made man-

"No buts nigga! What the fuck you think this is? Bruh tahrs nasty as fuck, and Pam... You that thirsty for some dick you go and fuck some lil ass boy that was my fucking best friend" Rod yelled.

"Watch your mouth" momma said jumping in. "Sorry momma Scott" Rod apologized.

"The same blessing that you didn't want" Rod said coldly. "People make mistakes" Terrence said. "Yeah well some mistakes shouldn't be made" Rod said before walking into the back and slamming the door behind him causing the framed picture to fall from the wall.

Shit gone be crazy around here for these couple of days.

Was Rod wrong ?

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