Chapter 10

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Me and Janelle have been dating for a month, I think I'm in love with her. She's so funny, and outgoing and I fell for her so fast! She said everything I've been looking for in a girl. I decided to do something special for her today so I'm going to take her ice skating and out to eat.

She deserves it. I got dressed and headed out to go get Janelle. I was ready for the evening.


"Rod, NOOO ! Stop". Janelle whined. "Just let go of the side bae". I laughed. "No". She said. "Why not, it's easy see". I demonstrated how to skate. She just looked at me, raised an eyebrow and stayed closed to the wall. "Come on Janelle, stop being a little punk". I said grabbing on to her waist.

"Why you so scared"? I asked. "Cuz, I refuse to fall and bust my ass in this hard, cold ice". She admitted. I laughed. "I'll hold your hand". I said. She finally gave in."fine". I held her hand and we were doing great.

She was getting the hang of it. I let her go and as soon as I fingertips left each other's, she fell hard in her ass. She whined out in agony as I laughed uncontrollably. It was hilarious. I helped her up.

"And you laughing"? She asked running her butt. "It's funny and you know it". I said still laughing. "No it's not". She said shoving me, almost loosing her balance and falling again.

She slowly made her way to the carpet ground and sat in the bench. "Come back on the rink". I said. "Nope, not gonna happen". She potted. "Why not"? I asked already knowing the answer. "Because nigga, you must ain't see me fall and nearly break my ass bone". She said

I laughed. We took off our skates and left for lunch. I was gone remember this day for a while. It was hilarious.


I knew I was gone fall, I just felt it. Rod made it no better by laughing. My ass ached honestly, who knew it would've hurt that bad. I refused to get back in the rink. So we soon took off our skates and left for lunch.

We went to Trixie's diner, I loved eating here. The food was always great. I had to watch what I ate because i do t want to gain all that weight back. That was to much hard work.

We sat in the diner and talked. I was having such a good time! I haven't ever had such a food time. Rod was so sweet, he was funny and I could imagine spending my life with someone like him. He was just so perfect. But there's just one thing that dawned on me. That picture of my mother in their house.


I had to tell Rod, and I had to tell him fast! It's been a month for crying out loud. I was being such a selfish person and I'm way to old for this. But how? How will I tell him that his girl formed is actually his sister?

I had to find a way! And find a way fast. "You can do this Pam, just tell him". I coached myself. I paced the floor back and forth and then sat down on the sofa and watched some TV. My mother is probably turning over in her grave by the sight of this.

Her only son and her daughter dating, and doing God knows what else. And it's all my fault, not theirs, they don't even know.


Hours passed and Rod had finally come back. "Hey Pam". He said smiling. I brushed a fake smile across my lips and spoke back. "Hey, Rod, sit down right there for me. I need to talk to you". I said. He looked confused but he sat as I instructed him to.

"So what's up"? He asked placing his forearms on his thighs. I took a deep breath. "You can't see Janelle anymore". I admitted. He chuckled deviously. "And why is that? Pam"! He asked with tight lips.

"Rod calm down, it's-". My sentence was cut short by him interrupting me. "No I won't calm down! You never, EVER enjoyed seeing me happy. And the one time, the one time I'm happy you want to end it, what have I ever done to you"? He asked in anger.

"I'm not going to argue with you just do what I say"! I yelled. "No! Tell me why"! He screamed. "Do what I say Rodkevious"! I screamed back. "No, tell me why I can't be with Janelle"! He demanded even louder them me.


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