Chapter 26

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4 months later


The season was getting closer and closer, training has really helped me improve, but fuck all of that I'm ready for the first damn game. Being a rookie gives me a time to shine and show the bulls what I'm made of.

I'm trying to get amused to this new life here in Miami, it just isn't the same. I've been making occasional visits back and forth from here to Chicago to see my sister, Pamela who'll be moving down with us in the spring.

Me and Janelle are married, I couldn't wait to make her my wife, I just can't live with out that girl she's my rock. We eloped though, when I really have time we're going to settled own and have a real wedding.

I packed up my heavy load and through it in the back of my trunk, I was going down to Chicago, me and Janelle. Pam had her baby, Symphony who looks just like our mother. She's full of joy. She has a smile that could heal the sick and make the poor rich. A true blessing.

I'd love to find out who's the father of my Niece, so they know what a huge amount if a blessing they'd be missing out on. Cowardly move, I bet some old ass fat back greasy motherfucker is the father, Pam never knew how to pick a proper type of boyfriend.


We arrived in Chicago, I unloaded the truck and held Janelles hand as we walked to the front porch, I opened the front door and saw some older looking man holding Symphony. I looked strangely at the man, he looked familiar, like I've seen him before but couldn't put my hands on it.

He looked like an elder version of the man I am today, it dawned on me! I stood there looking clueless. "Rod, Rodkeveious; is that you son"? The man asked, as those words came from his lips Pam came from around the corner.

I stood there in mid shock, I couldn't do anything, I was hurt, I was confused, I dint know how to react.

"Rod, look it's daddy" she said joyfully like everything was alright when it wasn't! We all know why this nigga came back. It's not because he missed us I can tell you that. He came back because he can see how well we're doing with out his ass.

"What the fuck are you doing here man? Why you hear! HUH" I screamed letting go of Janelles hand.

"Baby, calm down let's step out for some air for a second or something" Janelle said trying to pull my arm to the front door. I snatched away from her leaving her standing there.

"Nah, fuck all that! get out man, GET OUT" I screamed making Symphony cry. Pam took symphony from his arms and told me to calm down.

"Why is he here Pamela"? "WHY IS HE HERE" I asked angrily. "Rod calm down baby, please" Janelle said.

"SHUTUP" I screamed causing her to jump. "Imma tell you this one more time man, get yo ass up outta here" I spoke through tight jaws.

"Son- "don't-Don't you fucking call me that! I dint have no fucking father, so sint call me your fucking son" I said cutting his sentence short.

"I just came to talk and patch things up" he tried to explain.

"Patch what up? You ain't been here man! I barely even know you, you weren't around! I never knew you, and you think just because I've signed with the number 1 team in the NBA you can just strole in here because I'm doing good? I'll answer that for you! You can't said get the fuck out" I assured him.

"Rod, I'm your father and you'll show me some respect" he cooed. "RESPECT? Nigga you think you deserve respect from me"? I chuckled deviously and grabbed my bags and left, "Janelle let's go" !i called out behind me I was beyond pissed ! Why did he even show his face?

What made him think it would be okay for him to show up?


I was shocked on how Rod reacted on seeing our father, not everyone wants something form him, he can't keep holding that hatred in towards him it won't solve anything.

Richard, our father showed up and I immediately broke into tears, we talked for hours and hours he played with Symphony and all.

When Rod came through the door all hell broke loose! He was crazy, mad and just straight disrespectful.

I know Rod doesn't know much if our father, but you have to learn how to forgive and forget. I've forgiven Terrence, Janelle , my mother, my father and most of all myself.

All for the love of my child. She doesn't need to see me the way I USE to be.

I stood there holding my now crying daughter close to my heart, calming her sobs. I looked up at my father who stood with his head hung low. I placed my hand on his shoulder causing him to look up.

"He'll come around, he just needs some time" I assured him. "I know I messed up, but when will he see that I'm inky trying to make things right"?

Ok well that's short but it's been forever !! Close to the end thoo

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