Chapter 22

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It's been months. Six to be exact. I've been spending alot of time with my mother Danyella. She's the sweetest lady ever. It makes me mad to not have grown up with her, but we're making up for the lost time. Me and Rod are in so much love. Things are great, we've moved out and got away from that crazy bitch Pam and we're happy in our two bedroom apartment.

Pam's 7 months pregnant, and we still fail to find out who's her baby's father. No man has come around to step up to the plate, so I'm guessing she doesn't know either. It's sad, it really is but it is what it is. Patrice can finally rest in peace. We've patched things up, sort of but,things are as they should be right now. Lets just hope and pray to the good God it stays the way it does.

I rolled out of bed and rubbed my eyes sleepily. I stretched, and walked to the restroom. I really didn't feel like going to school. It's May, so we only have a couple of more weeks left but it was finals week.

I showered and got dressed I'm so ready to graduate and get out of that damn school, I'm making something out of myself fuck the rest of them other kids who don't give a fuck.

I did my makeup and hair and sprayed on my perfume. Rod has had recruiters looking his way and has sighed with the Miami Heats. My baby gone be the next Lebron James. He starts next season, and I'm extremely happy for him. Rod practices from morning to night, he says 'he wants to be the best' shit I don't blame him.

I kissed Rod goodbye and headed out the door.


Things have been going great. Me and Janelle moved in together in our own place and got away from Pam. She's pregnant I'm happy for her but I'm unhappy we don't know who's the father.

I've been recruited to play with the Miami heats, I start next season and I plan to be the best. I'm gone make Janelle my wife though. She so damn special to me. She never fails to satisfy me, her warm chocolate skin, milky smooth hair, bright smile and chocolate brown eyes that glow every time she sees me.

Damn, I can't explain how much she makes me happy. It's not even the sex that keeps me close, it's everything about her.

I brushed away my thoughts and got dressed to head to the gym. I needed all the practice I could get before the season started.

Hard work and dedication pays off. That's my passion, I've always been in love with ball. I knew I was going to be a star ball player, and I wanted to be the greatest. I signed to the best team there is.

I finished my drills, and practice and headed back home. I showered and laid on the sofa and soon was interrupted by a phone call. I answered and was welcomed by an unfamiliar voice. "Hello"? I asked. "Hello? Is this Rodkevious Mitchell"? The voice questioned. "Yea, may I ask who's calling"? "This is Richard Mitchell, your father"


I'm happy with my life, well not completely happy. I'm lonely, Rod and Janelle moved away, and Terrence hasn't even shown his face. He's probably with some other bitch.

I know he's mad at me that I didn't abort the baby, but he's just going I be mad. It's always been my dream to have a baby of my own. Not somebodies else's baby, one of my own. I've raised Rod, now it was my turn to raise my own baby.

I'm 7 months pregnant now, and I'm happy. I'm having a baby girl. I'm going to name her Symphony Abigail Mitchell. That's always been a beautiful name to me. I just wish Terrence would come up to the plate and be a real father. But that's my fault for messing with some little ass boy.

I was to old to be with such a young guy, I guess I just wanted to feel some excitement, but now I'm paying for it. I'm happy for this blessing that I'm about to receive, and I'm excited for her to come already. I don't need Terrence, he's an ass and I feel bad for him knowing what type of blessing he's missing out on. All I can do is pray for him.

Rod and Janelle can NEVER find out about Terrence being my baby's father, I'll be full of shame, and my awful secret will be brought to light. That'll answer all these unanswered questions and I just can't let that happen.

It's a shame that I have to hide this, but I refuse to let it be brought to light. I'm just ready to see my baby girl


Finals were over, and I had all my credits so I exempt from most of my exams. I checked out and went straight home. Hopefully I could catch Rod before he had practice. It's been all about ball lately and it's really not enough time for us.

It'll all be worth it in the end but damn can I have some time?

Richard (Somewhere in San Antonio , Texas)

I think it's time, it's been six months and I haven't got any sleep since that phone call. My wife thinks I'm having an affair because I've been acting 'suspicious' as she says but I've been thinking. Thinking in how I just left them. That was cowardly, that's when Patrice needed me the most.

Who would've thought? Maybe if I'd stayed around Patrice probably would've made it if she had my extra love and support. It's to late to look back now, I just have to make it right now. So I decided to call, I was so nervous. A young man answered the phone, and I asked was it my son, Rodkevious Mitchell. He responded yes and asked who I was, I told him my name and that I was his father.

He paused for a while and answered. "Man, who the duck is this? I don't have a father". It really crushed my heart, my son grew up with out a father and he think he doesn't have one. "Son, I'm sorry- I was cut off by him interrupting me. "Nah bruh, you see me doing good and im making something out of myself with out you you wanna play that daddy role? Fuck out if here nigga dint call this phone anymore we don't need you" he yelled.

The phone call ended from him hanging up. Damn! It was all making sense, just weeks ago on sports center they were calling out the top 5 draft picks and there his name lie 'Rodkevious Mitchell' I've made a big mistake. My son thinks I'm using him. I can tell you now I'll probably patch things up with my family.

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