Chapter 25

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Richard Mitchell

Things have been really complicated lately, from the constant arguments with Bridget and the suspensions of me having some type of secret family she thinks I've been hiding from her. No matter how I try to break it down to her, she's just not hearing it. She's not playing a role as a wife and I'm tired of her constant assumptions.

When I leave for work she says something ignorant like "kiss your other kids for me" it really gets on my nerve to constantly have to straddle the fence with my wife. This isn't what I signed up for. Who knew Bridget could be so damn crazy? I try to stick around fir my daughter, but Bridget is making it even harder to that!

I know I lied to her, and I was wrong, but dammit I'm honest now and nothing else has been kept a secret from her.

Except one thing. I have a business trip, scheduled in Chicago. Bridget knows about my children, now, but she doesn't know where they resign. I want to see them. I haven't spoken words to them since I walked out on them almost 20 years ago.

This might be the wrong idea for me to pop up now, but it's now or never. I know my son is doing big things in his life and I haven't been around to support those things. I know he's going to think I searched for him now only because of his success.

Which that isn't the case at all. I'm just hoping and praying for the best when it's time for the trip.

I packed my suitcase, adding along family photos that I keep in my wallet, so they know I'm no fake or some perve trying to come for them.

I kissed Felicity 'goodbye' along with Bridget and told them I'd be back home in 2 weeks. My journey begins now, and I'd be lying like hell if I told you I wasn't scared.

By the time I reached the airport, I was about to faint, or maybe have a panic attack. I'm to old for this. Maybe I shouldn't even go and try and find my children, their probably better off with out me.

I just can't set myself up for failure once again, do what's right Richard, even if it fucks you up in the end. You can die saying "I tried"!


Practice has been nearby deadly so to say! Coach has been working us harder then ever. He says he's trying to get us ready for the playoffs, but the season hasn't even started yet.

We finished our drills, and coach let out practice. We hit the showers and left the gym. I was ready for the season to start. Making fans, watching my beautiful wife yell my name from the stands and live the dream that I've always dreamed of.

I want to be the best, and I ain't stopping to I get there. "Aye man, you up for Logan's, I'm paying" Ray asked drying off.

Me and Ray have become real good friends, I'm glad the team welcomed me like they did. I thought I was going to be hated and shit, you know. Movies do lie, I'm like one of the guys now.

We hang out, play ball one on one, met each others families. Went over for dinner, it's just a real humbling feeling.

"Shit, I'm down if he say no" Dwayne added. I laughed and through on my shirt. "Yeah man, let me just call my girl and tell her I'll be late" I informed them.

"She can come bruh, matter fact wayne call up Gabriel and we can handle this shit, and scratch that we'll go to Panaè. So y'all get dressed, put on your good stuff" he said.

We laughed in unison. "Y'all ain't invite me and Savannah" Lebron cut in coming for the showers. "Cuz' don't nobody want them long ass legs touching me and Panaè's short ass tables" Dwayne said joking.

"Aha, real funny" he said. "I'm just kidding bruh, you, Savannah, and them bad ass kids welcomed" he said.

"My kids ain't bad" he explained. The locker room got quiet, then filled with laughter. "Fuck y'all"

I left the locker room, and went straight home. I had to tell my baby the news.

"Hey baby, how was practice?" Janelle asked still looking down at her computer. "great, and get up and bet dressed! Put on something nice, baby we're going to Panaè's" I said getting her attention.

"Oh baby I wish I could, but I have to catch up on my studies" she resisted. "Aw come on Janelle, baby please don't make me beg, this means a lot to me, can you leave the studies alone for one night and kick it with me?"

She sat there and thought for a second, "I guess so". She smiled big and so did I. "Alright, now go get dressed" I said.


I was dressed and now I was waiting on Janelle. Damn she sure does take a long time. "You finished yet?" I yelled form across the apartment.

"Yeah, almost finished damn" she yelled back. I chuckled softly she hates it when u rush her.

Finally she came around the corner, and I was sent into a daze. She looked amazing. Her body looked just right in that dress and her makeup was flawlessly done, I'm glad to call that mine.

"So, what do think?" She said twirling around. I was totally speechless. "Is it that bad?' She asked. "No, no, no, it's perfect! Wow, you look... Amazing" I complimented. She blushed and lowered her head.

"Thank you" she said. I pulled her in close and kissed her lips gently. "You really do look amazing" I said once more.

She smiled and playfully hit me with her clutch, "boy, don't get me started! We won't make it to this dinner if you keep on tempting me like your doing" she said walking away.

"Baby we got five minutes, just say the word" she laughed and walked out the front door followed by her telling me to 'shut up' I laughed and walked out after her and got in the car and headed to Panaè's.

The scenery was very nice. It was some up scale ass restaurant where all the stars attended. I must say this was the place to be. I hate that we have to move from Chicago when the season starts.

We met up with Dwayne, Gabriel, Ray, Teresa, Lebron, and Savannah. We waited for a waitress to assist us and then we were seated. It was hard keeping Janelle calm due to Gabriel Union being her favorite actress.

I can't tell you how many times we've sat home and watched 'Deliver us from Eva' but that's what she likes.

The evening was nice, they like Janelle and Janelle likes them. We had a good time.


"Oh baby, that was just delightful". Janelle said getting into the car. I smiled, "I know right, and to just think we'd be hanging with different stars like this all the time" I admitted.

"I know, then we'd be stars to, because my baby is Rod-kevious Mitchell" she joked spacing out my name. I looked over at her and laughed.

"You so crazy" I cooed. She laughed and buckled her seatbelt. "Rod?" "Wassup?" I asked. "I love you baby" she said looking at me rubbing on my earlobe, she know that turns me on. "I love yiu to Janelle, and stop playing with my earlobe before everybody in this parking lot sees how I beats the pussy up"

"You so nasty" she said playfully hitting me. I laughed and drove home. I was beginning to love this new life.

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