Chapter 7

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Damn. Damn, damn, damn. That's all I could say for myself. I remember just months ago when she was as big as a whale. But damn, look at her now. She was super model type, curves for days, and she smelt so good. Her ass sat just right in that dress, and her breast bubbled out of dress just the right way.

I sat there and looked stupid. Stupid as fuck. Who would've known she'd look like this, but that was my fault, but who would want her when she was near 400lbs. I sat back in the sofa and watch her snatch and walk away from me. I feel like shit . She was fine as hell.

Terrence came over and laughed. "Fuck you nigga". I blurted out in humiliation. "She was out ya lead bruh"! He said sarcastically. I looked at him with hatred. "Do you know who that was bruh"? I asked sitting up. "Nah, who was it". He asked in concern.

"Think back on you getting knocked out with a textbook". He looked distraught. I git up and walked through the club to find her. I had to apologize at least.


I saw Janelle get up in leave. I didn't bother to walk after her, because I'm beyond wasted. Me and my girls were dancing, and drinking, having fun. We was Turnt. The Dj was playing "up down" by t-pain and I was dancing on this guy in the section.

Jaydin would kill me if he was to walk in and see this, while he was home taking care of our son. I was wrong, but it was just a little careless fun.

I saw Janelle come storming back in the section. "Shay, I'm really ready to leave. Can we go"? She asked tugging in my arms. "Girl what? We just got here, you being lame! Ian ready to go". I was off balance and my words slurred terribly.

Janelle was trippin' she need to loosen up and have some fun."please Shay, come on". She begged. I snatched away. "No, you need to loosen up Janelle, have a little fun. Stop being so up tight". I yelled.

She looked at me, shook her head and walked off. I watched her walk off. "What's up with ya girl"? London asked me. I shrugged my shoulders and continued to dance. At the time being I didn't give a fuck.


Lashay was drunk, and a mess. Her breathe was high on liquor, and she was dancing on some random stranger. Didn't she have a boyfriend? And a son? I guess they didn't matter to her, and neither did I. This was a good choice mom! I mocked.

I sat at the bar and listened and watched everyone dance. I guess I'll have to make friends with these seat, because if didn't look like I'll be leaving soon.

I picked with my fingernails, and thought, God what did I get myself into? I spotted Rodkeveious coming over my way again. I huffed and rolled my eyes and git up and walked away. Damn what id I hav't to do to let him know I didn't want to talk to him?

He caught up with me. "Where you going? I just want to talk to you". He said turning me towards his face. "Home, why you didn't want to 'talk to me' just a few months ago"! I snapped snatching away.

This time I wasn't so successful. He pulled me back, this time holding me tightly around my waste. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it, but I just can't give in, I just can't.

"I just want to apologize". He admitted. "Sure, sure you do"! "Can I go now"? I asked with an attitude. "No, not until you here me out Janelle". He said. "Oh, you know my name"? I asked sarcastically.

He smacked his lips. "Can you just listen"? "Why? Why should I listen to anything you have to say? Huh"?

He looked down, blankly. "Exactly"! I said finally getting loose from his grip. "Can I at least take you home? You don't seem like your having a good time."

I really did need a ride home, because Lashay was trippen' I thought for a second. "Fine". I said. He smiled and tried grabbing my hand. "No thank you". I said snatching away.


We rode home in silence, with only me giving him occasional directions. Other then that, no words were exchanged.

"It's the apartments back here". I told him unbuckling my seatbelt. He parked and I got out and thanked him. He waited 'till I made it to my door. I searched through me purse and cursed myself. I just realized it's still at Shay's. I'll be damned if I was to knock on this door.

I skipped down the stairs and sat on the steps. "What are you doing"? He asked. "Waiting for morning". I admitted. "Why"? He asked. " does it matter? Damn"! I said getting irritated.

"Sorry, just wanted to know". He said. "Janelle, why are you waiting on the steps"? He asked again. "I don't have my key, and I'll get cursed out if I bang on that door". I admitted hoping he'll leave me alone.

"Well let me take you to go get it, it's cold out, you'll get sick". He pleaded. "I have no way to get it, I'll be fine"! I said.

He got out the car. "Get up". He commanded. I looked at him and laughed. "Boy please". I said turning away from him. "GET UP"! He yelled pulling me by my arms.

I did what he said, he dragged me to his car and I got in. "Buckle up". He told me. I did that. "Where are we going"? I asked. No answer. "Where are we going"? I asked a bit louder. Still, no answer. Shit Janelle, what have you gotten yourself into, again?

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