Chapter 9

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Pam doesn't seem to like me that much. I don't feel welcomed. "Should I leave"? I asked Rodkevious."nah, you good". He said. He grabbed my arm and led me to his room. "You can sleep in here for the night. I'll take you home I'm the morning, ok"?

"You don't want to stay in here with me"? I asked. He smiled. "My sisters home, she'll trip". He said. I smacked my lips. "Ok". I said. He walked towards me and kissed my cheek. "Goodnight beautiful". He walked out and closed the door behind him. His lips were so soft, but something about the kiss just didn't feel right.

I laid down and closed my eyes. Then I thought, why was a picture of my mother in their home? It left my in suspense. O didn't want to stretch the fact so I just went to sleep.


Rodkevious tapped me gently, waking me form me sleep. "Ready to go"? He asked. I got out of bed slowly and showered. I wrapped myself in a towel and came out of the bathroom. Shit, I need some clothes.

"I need clothes". I told him. He looked at me up and down. "Hello, I need clothes". I said. I guess I snapped Rod out of his little fantasy by the way he jumped. "Oh, umm hold on". He tossed me one of his basketball shirts and jogging pants. It was huge on me. I had to roll up the jogging pants by the waist.

"I'm ready". I assured him, grabbing the little bit of stuff I came here with.

We drove home, and listened to radio. "Hungry"? Rod asked breaking silence. "You buying"! I asked playfully. He chuckled. "Yeah, I guess so". "Then yeah". I admitted. We pulled up to Denys and got a table. The Waitress came out and handed us menus, followed by asking what we'd be having to drink.

We knew what we wanted so we went ahead and ordered. Moments had passed, and soon our food was being served. We ate and had small conversation. Rod was so funny, and we had so much in common.

I still was so in love with him, and now, I think he likes me too. "Janelle, I'm sorry for the way I've treated you". He said starring me in my eyes. I looked down and played with my straw. "It's cool, I wasn't the best person back then I guess". I said. "No, I was just a ass". He said.

I laughed. "Yeah, you were". He laughed. It was silent, we just starred at each other. He leaned across the table and kissed my lips softly, my heart raced. I've dreamed of this moment and now it was happening.

I opened my eyes and smiled. We laughed and git ready to leave. "I guess we're together now". He said holding the door open for me. "I guess". I blushed.

He dropped me off at Lashay's , and I kissed him goodbye. I knocked on the door and Jaydin answered it, I came in and walked towards the back. "Sorry bout last night". I heard Shay say softly. "You good". I assured her. "What's wrong with you"? I asked. "Hangover". She said blankly.

Figures. I laid down and watched some TV. My mind wondered off into another place. I thought about Rod, it's been my dream to get with him, and now he's mine. God does listen to prayers.

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