Chapter 20

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I just looked at this bitch like she was crazy. "Pregnant"? I asked stunned, making sure I heard what I think I heard. She bowed her head a little, "yes Terrence, I'm pregnant like I said". She assure me. "That's what you came up here for? To tell me you was pregnant with a baby that ain't mine"? I snarled. "What"? She yelled getting angry. I looked at her sharply, indicating her to sit down, she already knew I'd slap the fuck out of her. "What do you mean not yours? I only fuck YOU, you're the one fucking other bitches, I'm to in love with you to sleep with anyone else. Terrence we have sex unprotected all the time"! She whined pointing her finger at me.

I smacked my lips. "Man, save the bullshit Pamela. That's not my baby, and I don't care if it is I'm not gathering that baby until im good and ready to have kids. You knew that when you started to fuck me. If you want yo baby to have a father, I'd suggest you trap some other nigga or abort that bitch". I said flipping the channels. She stood there with teary eyes and then grabbed her stuff and stormed out. I really dint give a fuck. I'm 18 years old about to have a baby with somebody who is 37, and plus I'm not ready for no kids and I don't want to have no baby with Pamela. She don't have respect for herself and I don't want my baby don't need a mother like that. If she had some class then we could work something out, but she doesn't so that conversation is over!


I can't believe my ears right now! I'm so crushed right now. He's denying my baby, our baby. He just sat there and told me to abort my child. It's always been my dream to have a family and I've always wanted a baby. I always known that Terrence was an ass whole but I don't expect him to say that to me.


I'm suicidal. My whole life flipped up side down, all because of that bitch Janelle. Everything was fine before she came in my home and it was time for her to leave, she's officially over stayed her welcome. It was time for her to leave. I pulled up to the local liquor store and rambled through the back and found me a bottle of brandy. I most definitely need this I'm so stressed out. I payed for my liquor and didn't hesitate opening the bottle. I drank heavily, and the bottle was half empty by the time I got I to the neighborhood. I'm drunk. My tears flowed heavily in anger.

I stumbled in the house and spotted Janelle sitting in the couch eating popcorn watching movies. "Hey Pam" she sang. I looked at her angrily and took a big sip of my drink. "Shut the fuck up" I yelled she looked at me strange "what'd I do to you"? She asked.

I whipped my lips sloppily and pounced on her like a tiger and it's prey. Before I knew it we were fighting. I grabbed her hair and pounded her head against the floor. " I fucking hate yiu I hope you die" I yelled as I banged her head. Soon I was flipped over, damn this girl was strong! She introduced my face to her fist repeating the painful hits. My vision became blurred from the swelling of both of my eyes. I heard my nose crack from it breaking, and I tasted the string taste if blood flow threw my mouth.

She best me until I was sober. She raised from on top of me and finished with another stomp to the face. "I've never done nothing but try and love you, and you constantly try to bash me, grow the fuck up Pam"! She barked walking away from my vision.

I turned over coughing up blood. I just got my ass beat, I'm pregnant and got my ass beat! This isn't over. I looked up to see Rod standing at the base of the door smiling and shaking his head. "That's what the fuck you get"! He snarled then walking away.


I'm sick of it! I'm sick of Pam's bullshit! She just jumped on my hitting my head against the floor. I'm left with this painful not on my fucking head. What did I do to her? Huh? Riddle me that. My anger took the best of me, she asked for that ass whoopen. If I. Not welcomed hear I'll leave that's fine.

I rushed to my room and began to pack my bags. "Where you going"? Rod asked. "I'm leaving" I assured him.

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