Chapter 12

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I didn't like the look on Rod's face. My big bright smile suddenly dropped. I looked back and made sure Christine was no where around, stepped out and closed the door. "What's good, why you looking like I did something wrong or something"? I asked anxious to find out what was wrong with him. He just looked down at his shoes and then back at me. "Ain't no easy way to say this Janelle, but-". A tear rolled down my eye, I knew what he was about to say, he wanted to break up, but why? What did I do? The relationship was going so well, was I not attractive? What, what is it?

"But what"? I asked. "Janelle, we can't see each other no more"! He finally spoke. "Why"? I asked beginning to hear my voice crack. "Ion know how to explain it"! He said. "I do, is it because I won't let you fuck? I knew you was one of them! One of them niggas who just won't the pussy and bounce. Well you know what fuck you"! I yelled out of anger.

He sat there with tight lips. He had nothing to say, he knew I was right! Fuck him I don't care. "Man, you think that's it? Well it ain't! I wanna be with you but I can't it's wrong for me to date you, how would it look for me to be in love with my sister"? He said. "What"? I asked confused.

"You heard me, how would it look if it as in love with my sister". He said once more. Damn! Thought to myself. Out of all the thing, this had to be true.

"And how do you know that, this is a bunch of bullshit". I yelled. "I know, do you think I want to believe this shit? But it's true I guess. It all makes sense I'm a year older then you, I was one when my min gave birth, I never seen my sister, Pam is the only one that seen you, not me! I was to young to remember it all, and by the way Pam looked at you when you all first met just puts the icing in the cake". He rambled.

"Bull shit Rod! How would she know me form just seeing me as a baby! I want a DNA test! And I want her, PAM, to tell me how she would know all of this, cuz I dint believe a damn hung I'm hearing". I continued.

"Fine, we can go right now". He said. "That'll do"! I responded grabbing my house key and getting into his car. We rode in silence, I was so angry. The time I got what I wanted, I couldn't have it! The boy I, in love with is my fucking brother! I'm so over it. I'm mad at myself more then anything, because I knew, I should've never got involved when I saw that picture of Patrice hanging on the wall. I'm so stupid.


We pulled up and I got out fiercely. I wanted to hear what this bitch had to say! Rod opened the door and we walked in. "Tell her Pam"! He said cutting to the chase. "Tell her what"? She said blankly. "Don't play stupid Pam, tell her the bull shit you told me. We ain't got all day". He said coldly.

She sat on the sofa, and I folded my arms waiting to here her reply. "Well, we're brothers and sisters, when you, Janelle was born, mom was sick! She wanted to have another baby, me and daddy begged her not to, but she wanted to! She ended up pregnant, and daddy left. That's one reason I began to hate you, you ran my damn dad away! Then at birth, there was many complications, and a chance mom wasn't gone survive, and sure enough she didn't. Rod didn't know about what was going on, he was only one! When you were born I was turning eighteen and legal, had my own place, and everything! So I had options. They were gone take you and Rod away, and I couldn't let that happen! I hated you, you ran my daddy away, you killed my mom, and now you were the reason why I was about to loose my brother, the last of my mother. And the thing that hurts the most is, is you look just like her! I remember you by your eyes, I'll never forget them. The ones that ruined my fucking life". She said.

All this was bullshit! My mom didn't give me away, my own sister did! She hated me for nothing she think I was the reason for my moms death? How could that be? I was a baby, I had no clue what was going on.

"So you hate me for something I had nothing to do with! I did nothing, Pam I was a fucking baby I had nothing to do with it, I was just being born and you tossed me away to some stranger, I've had a terrible life all because of you"! I cried.

"Oh well, that woman wanted a baby, so I gave her one"! She said coldly.

"What woman"? I asked anxiously. "The woman you live with now, Christine is her name isn't it? I was struggling, and she was crying because she just lost her baby, I didn't want you, so I gave her you". She admitted.

"You did what"? I was flabbergasted! Ridiculed, just plain out furious with her, she gave me to a stranger! What the fuck? My jaws tightened. I jumped across the partially large sofa and punched her rapidly in the face. "How dare you"! I continued to say through each punch. Rod didn't stop me, he let me beat the fuck out of Pam! She deserved this ass whoppen.

Then I heard that familiar voice, that same sweet soothing voice, that warmed my heart every time words parted from her lips. "Janelle, stop it, get off your sister". It's like my anger went out the window, as if they were never there! I did as I was instructed, and got off of my sister.

"Oh shit"! I heard Rod yell. His eyes got wide and I saw the fear in his eyes. He looked at the both if us wondering if we could see what he saw. "Sorry mama" I said putting my head down. She smiled and looked at Rod. "Hello my son, I'm your mother, Patrice! You've grown so handsome"! Rod looked terrified!

"Sorry momma"? He asked confused. "You knew huh? Y'all sick as fuck! He said storming out. Moms figure slowly faded away, I'm assuming to go and console Rod.

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