Chapter 11

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Patrice sat and watched her family tear themselves apart. She tried making her self known in the room but God wouldn't let her. She couldn't bare to watch such a thing happen. "Stop it, stop fighting". She yelled. But I'm afraid they couldn't hear her cries. They walked right through her empty spirit as if she wasn't there. Patrice soon saw a light, and a door. "Come my child". God said. "I can't stand to watch them bicker and fight Lord! Please, please let me help". She begged. "I'm sorry I can't let you my child, they have to learn in their own, they'll never learn if you keep going to help, that's my job". He spoke. Patrice understood that she couldn't keep going back and trying to fix any and everything that was broken, but she still couldn't help the fact that she was a mother, and that was a mothers job, to fix what's broken. She had to let her children work it out, as much as she wanted to beg God to let her go back. She know she couldn't. "Yes father". She bowed her head sadly and went into the bright door, into heaven.


Rod sat there with a frowned face. He chuckled a bit, chuckled in a way that, that scared me. "What "? He asked in disbelief. I took a deep breath and sat in the sofa. "Janelle, Janelle is your sister"! I said, feeling as if a enormous weight had been lifted off me shoulders.

I could tell how much anger my brother felt, along with disbelief. I had to be the worst sister/guardian in the world. "And you just now feel like you should tell me right"? He said teary eyed. "Rod, you don't understand". I began to say. "No Pamela! You don't understand! Gosh you're selfish. Me and Janelle have been dating for a month! A fucking month! And not once did you tell me that was my sister! Not once, and you expect me to just be like 'oh Pam, that's fine! I'm in love with my sister'? Hell nah, you a cold bitch. I'm out". He said grabbing his keys.

I sat in the sofa and cried. I deserved those words, but they hurt so bad. "Here you going"? I asked through tears and sobs. He just didn't answer, he just kept walking. "Where you going Rod"? I asked again. He just slammed the door. "You come back here"! I yelled.

I sat and put my face in my palms, and cried. Cried my little heart out. It was all my fault I deserve this. Why did she have to even come to our house? This would've never happen if she never showed her face. She's tearing me and Rod apart. I hate that stupid bitch! Janelle killed my mom, and now she's killing me and Rod's relationship. She's the cause of it all.

Patrice watched as Pam blamed her sister, and cursed and bashed her name! She was so disappointed in her eldest daughter, for acting do childishly. See loved her deeply but why did she have to act in such way. She stood in the corner and watched her daughter cry, wishing she was still here to fix it all, but she had to follow God's orders. She trusted him, and she knows he'll make a way out of no way.


I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Why would you hold such a big thing like this from me? Why? That's just wrong! I feel disgusting, I've been touching and feeling, kissing on my on damn sister. That's sick as fuck!

Pam's a fucking bitch. She bogus as hell, letting me walk around falling in live with my sister! It don't get more wrong then that. That's just heartless. I wonder what my mom would have to say about all that was going on. She's probably having a fit!


I pulled up to Janelles. I sat in the apartment parking lot for a while before getting out and ringing the door bell. I needed some time to think. I finally gained enough courage and walked slowly up the concreted steps. I rang the doorbell and waited for so e one to answer.

Janelle opened the door. "Hey baby"! She said full of joy. "We need to talk". I said dryly

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