Disaster by PoehtiPhelan
Disasterby Tymoni
Disaster. "You cannot play mental gymnastics with me" - Kevin Gates
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A Thug's Beast by UnbelievableTruth
A Thug's Beastby 🔥
Tatyianna only knows pain, from a burn accident, losing her father, and the battle of keeping her mother alive. This plus size beauty is fighting an army all alone. Unti...
  • thug
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New Beginnings by Bella_Nay
New Beginningsby Bella_Nay
Triology to Love Me For Me
  • story
  • beginnings
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touching me ( BWWM) by queenyBTJ
touching me ( BWWM)by queenyBTJ
---SPOILER ALERT!!! He pinned me against the wall, his breath grazing against my neck ,his lower half pressed against me causing me to stifle my moans " I know you...
  • size
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  • bwwm
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Second Chances by peanutbutterluv21
Second Chancesby Symone
Gabriella Jenkins is a workaholic, has been for a very long time. She only has time for work and nothing else of course being an influential lawyer at a young age took u...
  • family
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40UR XL (Completed) by MissShi
40UR XL (Completed)by Caree-sha'ron
Natalie, a Highschool senior was always the black sheep in her family. The unpopular 3rd wheel with friends , and a morbidly Obese young woman. Life constantly testing h...
  • obese
  • fraternal
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The Quarterback is My Bodyguard by Anti-Candy
The Quarterback is My Bodyguardby Anti-Candy
Harper Green, a girl who's been bullied her whole life because of her weight and is on the verge of quitting on life. Zach Fraser, the school's new quarterback who had a...
  • romance
  • drama
  • meangirls
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She Can Fight (completed) by byth3sea
She Can Fight (completed)by elizabeth
Alexis Marie Carson, she isn't like every ordinary 'good girl' who is completely helpless. She's exactly the opposite. Lexi has never really known her family, since, we...
  • parents
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Steven Universe + Robert Tyler Jones by Pokeplushman
Steven Universe + Robert Tyler Pokeplushman
Robert Tyler Jones was an ordinary boy oppressed by his family and peers who just wants a reason to live. When he is kicked out of the house and captured by Peridot, thi...
  • tyler
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Shivika-addicted to love  by anonymous_princesa
Shivika-addicted to love by XxChocolatesBaexx
Shivika Ishqbaaz 💝 Cover made by me 😊
  • relationship
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Chain Reaction by zariahdp
Chain Reactionby zariahdp
Vonte Brooks aka Razor and Trendy Michaels comes from two different worlds....what happens when they cross paths and it changes their lives forever?
  • urban
  • romance
  • size
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The New Girl by loversrevenge69
The New Girlby loversrevenge69
When Jesse starts hormones after she gets out of school for summer break and ignores her friends all summer and goes back to school expecting them to be mad at her but i...
  • trans
  • promqueen
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MHA X READER ONE SHOTS  by katty_kookie123
MHA X READER ONE SHOTS by katty_kookie123
Hi I'm new to fan fics so sorry if it's bad Contains : Fluff Jealousy Cheating Suicide or mentions of it Self harm Maybe some lemon idk yet So if you are a innoc...
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De contos em contos eu te conto um conto by Lenarossi
De contos em contos eu te conto Lena Rossi
Esta coletânea vai ser compostas de minicontos que serão elaborados a partir de desafios que venho participando. Eles podem ter relação com os meus livros já escritos...
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Sweetener// Jughead Jones by YourDad_
Sweetener// Jughead Jonesby Daddy's Girl_
  • fanfic
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  • riverdale
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fat gal.... 💖 (ON HOLD)  by digableplanet
fat gal.... 💖 (ON HOLD) by AaliyahSidnaee✨
yk the title says it all....
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Every Animal Needs a Protecter by Never4life
Every Animal Needs a Protecterby Never4life
A world where everyone thinks Izuku Midoriya is quirkless just because they couldn't find his quirk. U.A already started but he didn't make it in, so one day early in th...
  • todoroki
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Frenfic xxxx by fifi20031212
Frenfic xxxxby eviebaker_
Nina + Jack = Heart Attack (+ cute)
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