Chapter 24 | Anything For You, My Flower

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"Oh, don't look so surprised, Ella, I'm not as useless and stupid as you think I am." He answered, pulling down the hood of his night-colored cloak to give me a clear sight of his face that was covered with irritation. "If you weren't kidnapped and locked up in a tower, you would have known that I am one of the greatest jousters in this kingdom."

"As well as one of the greatest stalkers in this world," I added, removing the entire hood.

Ethan sighed, opening his mouth to say something to only be cut off by the horns' barking sounds that echoed across the field.

"O, hear now, o, hear now!" A short man, his belly round and big as an exercise ball, spoke loudly through the thick mustache that covered half of his face. "Tonight shall be a terrific day with sweat, blood, and broken bones hurled around. Only fair play shall be seen from both sides, rules shall be complied from sunset to sunrise and from sunrise to sunset. If a cheater is to be discovered, then he or she shall be banished from the jousting tournament. Let the game begin, and must the best jouster win!"

Cheers broke out from all kind of places, making me jump a millimeter because of the suddenness. Jeez, it feels like I'm at a Justin Bieber concert or something.

"Give an applause to the first knights to take the starting round; Sir Brighton and Lady Peyton!" The man continued, his words hitting the crowd so hard it made them scream even louder.

Just as I thought that the cheering would die out, it broke the world record on the decibel scale. Two armor-covered people came riding down from opposite sides of the field, sitting on each of their chocolate-colored horses with long spears in their hands.

The crowd lost it once again, and I was sure I would go deaf any second now. "If I knew it would be this loud, I would've brought my earmuffs with me," I leaned towards Ethan's ear, hoping he heard my shouting words through the screaming people.

"What's reguffs?"

Before I could correct the misunderstanding, the horns barked again, signalizing that the jousting was about to start.

The knights positioned themselves on each side of the field, making themselves ready for the show that the crowd has been waiting for. The jouster with the red spear, Sir Brighton, was riding towards the side where Ethan and I were standing by, and due to us having a first-row-view, we had a great sight of the horseman and vice versa.

Brighton waved to the screaming crowd, pulling the silver, bird-shaped helmet up to flash a smile to the people behind the poor fence. Villagers began to push both Ethan and me forward, trying to get as close as possible by squeezing us until the wooden barrier was stabbing our stomachs.

Jeez, and people call me crazy.

"You are the best crowd a jouster could ever ask for," Sir Brighton waved his heavy, armor-covered hand, looking at some of the villagers, which resulted in them screaming louder. "But you, my dear flower," he bent forward, holding out a small, beaten-up rose that rested between his fingers. "Are standing out like a rose surrounded by thorns."

I will give you guys a chance to guess who he gave the rose to. Come on, take a guess.

The people behind us growled and sighed in jealousy, whereas Sir Brighton's warm smile was waiting patiently for Ethan to take the rose.

I swear, I literally died of laughter.

"Ehh. . ." The dear flower bumbled with his words, not even knowing what to do or say or anything at all. "Thanks?"

Brighton only winked, obliviously not seeing anything through his helmet and the person behind the black hood. "Anything for you, my flower."

And then I died of laughter again.

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