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New message to Riley 🌹

Where are you guys?

We got a little held up...

What does that mean?

I don't want to spoil your precious little virgin mind

Yeah than you probably shouldn't tell me
Well me & Grayson decided to go back to my place for the night

I'm sorry what?
Do you really think that's a good idea?

It'll be fine... Mom isn't home so we're fine
And Andrew left town for a few weeks

If you're sure...
Don't forget to use protection!
And don't forget to delete this conversation

I should be telling you guys that...
And I will

Conversation deleted

I shut off my phone & turned around to see Grayson on the phone with someone. I walked behind him & poked his back. He turned & signaled he was almost finished. Apparently, instead of going to my place, Grayson decided he wanted to rent an apartment for the next couple weeks since he was staying until after New Years. The apartment was of course gorgeous, with full view of the city. He insisted that we wait for Riley & Ben there so we could all go around the city together. I felt a buzzing in my pocket & I pulled out my phone to see I was getting a call from an unknown number.

Shit shit shit

"Hey Grayson where's the bathroom?"

"Down the hall to the left." I rushed towards the bathroom & shut the door behind me. I turned on the sink to block at any noise that Grayson could possibly hear.


"Where the hell are you?"

Shit shit shit

"I came by your house & no ones there."

Think of something now Linoy

Fuck fuck fuck

"Me & Riley went shopping, but we stopped by her house first." The line fell silent for a moment.

"Why is there running water in the background?"

"I was about to get into the shower when you called." The line fell silent again, only this time longer.

"When will you be home?"

"Soon, don't worry." I heard him scoff on the other end.

"I never worry, because I know you're not stupid enough to leave,"

"Bye Linoy."

"Bye Andrew."

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