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New direct message from @LinoySvmethin 

@LinoySvmethin: you went back to Paris? :( and you reactivated your twitter?

@KingGrayson: Linoy I left a long time ago & yes I did reactivate my account

@LinoySvmethin: and without me? :( shame on you Grayson Dolan

@KingGrayson: grow up Linoy
@KingGrayson: you're so childish

@LinoySvmethin: you bet I am. And you are my sophisticated posh Internet friend

@KingGrayson: I suppose

@LinoySvmethin: shut up with your "suppose" we're friends.
@LinoySvemthin: an old soul and an heir!

@KingGrayson: yes Linoy, that we are.

Hopefully this is the last of these fillers cause I really wanna get these out of the way & get this story going :)

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