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*pic of Riley on the side*

New message from Riley 🌹

So do you regret going?

Not entirely

What's that mean?

It means I couldn't ask him why but I was able to see my brother

What's it like in prison? Is he in a gang? DOES HE HAVE A BOYFRIEND??

No Riley he does not have a boyfriend

Well way to cut the imagination out...

Your sexual fantasies & my brother should never be in the same sentence

You said it not me ;)
You're dropping by the club right?

Yeah I was gonna go after work

How's Grayson?

I thought I said to forget about that conversation Riley
I was drunk

My ass you were drunk!
Look i know you're not gonna admit it but clearly you have feelings for Grayson & I would want nothing more than to see you happy but
You also have to think about you, your mom, & Elena.

I know
It was just "in the moment" type of thing

New message from Andrew

I'm picking you up in five minutes

Where are we going?

Just get dressed.

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