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The entire rooms atmosphere seemed to change once those words slipped out of Grayson's mouth. Neither one of us made any attempt to move or speak, we just stared at each other as if to say, now what? Confusion fogged my thoughts so much that it took me a few seconds to realize that Grayson's lips connected with mine. My body was paralyzed with shock, but eventually I began to kiss him back & I could feel all of Grayson's muscles relax once I did. He held my face in his hands, keeping me from moving. My hands held his waist, slightly tugging on his shirt.

"I love you Linoy." He rested his forehead on mine, his air breathy from the kiss we just exchanged. I smiled & set my hand on his cheek, drawing circles with my thumb. I kissed him back, this time harder with my tongue slipping into his mouth.

A haze of pleasure fluttered over my entire body once he began planting sweet kisses on my neck. My hands began to venture the skin beneath his shirt, tensing when ever my hands would go downwards. We ended up on his bed, my being underneath. The kisses that he planted on my neck began to travel downwards on my collarbone as he sucked & nipped at the skin, leaving hickies I'm sure. His hand gripped by waist, lifting the shirt I was wearing. He continued giving me heavenly kisses on my lips & devilish kisses on my neck. I turned my head to the left so he could have better access, when my eyes landed on the picture of Elle & Grayson.

What the fuck are you doing Linoy! He's engaged!

"G-Grayson" I said breathy. He murmured an incoherent what since he was still kissing my neck. My eyes landed on the picture again & this time I shoved him off.

"What's wrong?" I glanced down to his now red swollen lips, wanting even more. But I couldn't. He was someone else's, soon for the rest of his life.

"You're engaged Gray." Disappointment laced his face at the mention of the engagement. Since he never went into detail about the entire thing, I really didn't know much about it.

"We don't love each other. It's a publicity stunt. I love you Lin." I could tell he was being honest based on his serious tone. I smiled at him as I set my hand on his cheek.

"But now you have to love this woman Grayson." Irritation replaced his features as he got off of his bed.

"Why should I have to? To make my father happy? I'm done letting other people control my life. I want to spend my life the way I want to, & I want to be with you. Ever since the day I was put into that stupid group chat, I knew you were more than just some old soul from Chicago. I mean we're two completely different people from opposite sides of the world, yet I've always felt closest to you, than anyone else.

"I truly believe we were meant to be together, just an heir & an old soul." Grayson's words didn't make any of this easier, it only made it harder to accept that this was the situation right now, and it just wasn't our time. Too much was happening, all too soon.

"We need to take care of ourselves before there can ever be an us. You're experiencing so much new right now that takes a lot of adjusting, & I need to learn to provide for me & my family so we can get back on our feet. It just isn't our time Grayson." It took everything in me to keep the tears from spilling out, but a few managed to slip out. Grayson caught them with his thumb as he sat beside me, our fingers intertwined. I rested my head on his shoulder, my ears filled with the sound of our breathing.

"Tell me to thank Ben later." I giggled despite the knife being dragged through my heart.

"He loves you, you know."

"I know."

"Will you stop being an ass & talk to him?"

"I'll try." Grayson giggled. We sat in silence for a while, appreciating each other's mere presence.

"Thank you, Grayson."

"For what?" Another tear slipped out if my eye, landing on my pants.

"For everything." Grayson kissed my temple as he used his thumb to lift my chin, making me face him.

"No Linoy, thank you."


I went home that night with the closure I needed. We both understood that it just wasn't our time to get involved, some reasons more obvious than others. As I stared out of the airplane window, I realized that if you love something let it go, & if it comes back than it truly was meant to be. Maybe me & Grayson will find each other again later on in life, when our lives aren't so messy. Maybe we'll come back to each other, maybe.

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