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New message to Grayson 😴

fucking answer
I'm going to kill you if you don't

It's so cute when you beg for my attention
I was working out that's why I didn't answer
Whatcu need babe

I'm not begging
I'm just trying to get you to answer your damn phone

Same difference

Are you home now?

Just walked in actually
You wanna cuddle like the little softy you are?

Fuck you
I'm a best selling author at the age of 22
That grew up in shit

You sure go soft when ever it comes to Jeremy

Babies don't count I mean, he looks just like Riley, of course I'm gonna go soft!!

Ah soft, just as you belong

Can I come over

Only if you want to...

I'm not begging again Grayson

Beg for me.


Guess you don't have to come over

Fine I'll go over to Riley & Ben's place & see their cute ass child





Be here in 10?

Already getting in the car

The rush of adrenaline that was rushing through my veins was driving me insane. The ten minute drive to Grayson's felt excruciatingly long. I felt a foreign sensation in between my legs, my cheeks flaring red after realizing Grayson was getting me hot. And horny.

We've done sexual things before, he ate me out before, but after over 6 months of officially dating, sex is something that starts to become more & more tempting. Andrew was behind me as well as everything he had done, but the memories will always be there, something Grayson has had a hard accepting.

Once I finally parked into Grayson's driveway, my nerves were jumbled & messy with excitement. My throat hitched once I noticed Grayson's door was open. I peeked my head through the door first, before bringing by entire body inside. His house looked the same, only some of his clothes scattered on the floor. My eyes landed on a picture of us that Riley took a month ago. I think we were talking about how a bulldog puppies rolls were able to cover its eyes, we were laughing so hard that in pretty sure we ended up snorting a few times. I smiled at myself as I picked up the picture frame, admiring the way we looked so happy.

"Didn't think you'd be here so soon."

My breath hitched when Grayson's hands made contact with my waist, his lips roaming my neck.

"Well I um- really missed you." I said breathy.

"I can certainly see that." I spun around not hiding the fact that I desired his lips on mine, & much more. His mouth opened slightly, gaining my tongue entry to explore his mouth. The more heated the kiss got, the more I desperately wanted the barrier that was our clothes off. I lifted his shirt & ran my hands all over his chest, gaining a groan from him when my hands were closer to his crotch.

Soon his shirt was off & my hands were on his belt impatiently trying to get the damn thing off.

"Wait, Lin." He grabbed my hands gently & set them back to my side, causing me to look up at him.

"We don't have to if you don't want to. I want to go at your pace." My heart fluttered at his considerate words. But this is what I want. I want him. I want to take our love to a whole other level. I've had sex, but I've never made love, & I want Grayson to be my first.

I moved my hands back down to his belt, lust filling Grayson's eyes almost immediately.

"I want you, all of you, and I trust you enough to give you all of me." He looked down at my lips hungrily, his facial expression changing from one to concern, to one of desire.

"Then I'm prepared to give you all of me."


Grayson carried me up the stairs, not breaking our kiss to open up the door where he pushed me up against the wall. Adrenaline pumped all through me & I didn't even realize that I had flipped him around so that he was now being pushed up against the wall. I kissed him, eventually going down to his jawline, & eventually down his body with long lingering kisses. His moans only made me more desirable for him, so much that I never even noticed the clothes that were quickly disappearing. In one swift motion, Grayson pulled off his boxers. He pushed me down on the bed, as he kissed my bare chest, using his right hand to pull down my underwear. Once my underwear were off, he rested his hand just near my slit as he curled his fingers causing me to moan. He began to go in circles around my clit, & while it felt amazing, i desired much, much more. I grabbed his face & lifted him up towards me.

"I just want you." He reached over to his bed side table & grabbed a small package, ripping it with his teeth with ease. Once he put it on, he was back on me, giving me sweet & lustful kisses.

"I love you, Lin." I smiled as I gave him one last kiss before my entire world went to flames. I groaned in pain as Grayson entered me, only for it to quickly turn to pleasure after a few strokes. No one could hold back the moans that were escaping our mouths. I pulled at his hair as he began to go faster, causing my pleasure to only heighten.

"Shit-fuck you feel so good Lin." Eventually our positions switched so now I was on top. His hands rested on my hips, probably leaving marks from the pressure he was putting. My body felt like it was on fire, like I've just gone to an entirely new universe. I rested all of my body weight on top of him, giving him full control. My mouth was near his neck & I but down on his shoulder in order to keep my moans in just in case the neighbors could hear us, but it proved useless. My ears filled with Grayson's sweet moans as his thrusts were becoming more & more sloppy. Once we came undone, I laid on his body & listened to his heart beat slowly go back to its original pace.

"That was-"

"Yeah, it was." I said with a chuckle.

Grayson took the condom off & tossed it into the trash & we pulled the covers up over us, leaving no space between us as I laid on his chest.

"God, I am so in love with you. How was I able to find such an amazing girl like you?" I chuckled as his hand went up and down my back.

"Who knows, but I'm happy we found each other."


And that is officially the end of dear Grayson! I'm really sorry about this smut I suck I know, but I hope you guys enjoyed this last little piece nonetheless :)

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