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Grayson 💤

You know it's considered rude to leave someone on read
Especially an heir

Wow full of yourself much?

You know it

Shut up
You're infuriating

Haven't you figured that out by now
Oh you did not just leave me on read

But it's so much fun 😩
I like when a guy begs for my attention

I am not begging
I just want it

Aka you're begging
It's okay
It's flattering

What ever

Uh excuse me
I do not recall giving you permission to call me that foul name

And I don't remember asking 🤔

You're so playful now
I like it
You actually seem like a normal teenager

Don't get used to it
I'll be a businessman in 6 months

That sucks
Do you want to take over?

Don't exactly have much of a choice lol

Yeah I know
But if you had a choice
Would you want to be a normal teenager?

I suppose
But it isn't just about me
This is a tradition
The youngest son always takes over

Isn't it oldest

Yeah but my father doesn't think my brother Ethan is fit to do so

How come?

Because he acts like a child
He goes to parties & hooks up with girls

So... he's a teenager?

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