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Incoming call from Linoy 😈

"Funny hearing your voice at this time-"

"Why do assholes exist Grayson?"

"What do you mean? You alright?"

"if you call having your ass slapped five times by a group of college guys, then I'm doing just great." She was slurring her words slightly but I was still able to tell that she was drunk.

"Linoy where are you?"

"Oh you know I'm just outside the bar-hiccup- with a guy named Travis- he's very nice & he offered me a ride home."

"Don't leave with him Lin, do you understand me?"

"Why not? You're not my dad!"

"Well if you weren't acting like such a child then I wouldn't have to act like your dad"

"Are you trying to get kinky with me?"a smile appeared on my lips at the sound of her giggling.

"Just don't leave with anyone you don't know alright?"

"Okay he left anyways I'm not sure where he went but- oh Riley! I see Riley she's coming towards me!"

I chuckled & said, "Okay put Riley on the phone."

"Hello stuck-up heir."

"Hello satans spawn, do you have Linoy?"

"Kind of, she's technically not supposed to leave work yet & if she leaves I have to clock her out so I'm just gonna have her sleep in the back."

"Alright, make sure she's alright yeah?"

"Relax I'll make sure nothing happens to your girlfriend."

"She's not my-"

"Grayson Riley's being mean & taking me to the back cause she says I need to sleep but I just need to p-party."

"I think sleep is the best option right now Lin."

She sighed & gave me a slight pause.

"Why can't you live in the same city as me, or even the same country?"

"I'm not sure, that's just where fate decided to put us."

"It'd be nice to have you here instead of talking through a phone. I'd much rather have you around then Andrew."

"Who is Andrew-"

"I gotta sleep now gray I'll call you tomorrow or something bye love!" She was still giggling until she eventually hung up the phone.

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