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youtube royalty [david dobrik] by aIwaysbored
youtube royalty [david dobrik]by liz
"you aren't a fucking king dobrik, don't expect me to bow down to you." "don't flatter yourself. your opinion doesn't hurt me because nobody cares what y...
  • media
  • dobrik
  • english
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vent | d.d. ✓ by -softiplier
vent | d.d. ✓by ً
in which david dobrik is trying to get over his breakup by downloading a new application for venting to a complete stranger in order to help heal him. what he wasn't exp...
  • socialmedia
  • heathhussar
  • corinnakopf
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My Secret Twin Sister//Emma Chamberlain + Dolan Twins +James Charles by sarahkiley
My Secret Twin Sister//Emma kiley
Annabelle Laken is just another small, but slowly growing influencer... what happens when Emma Chamberlain stumbles upon one of her videos, and notices how identical the...
  • dolantwins
  • youtube
  • jamescharles
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Starstruck ★ David Dobrik by dammitdobrik
Starstruck ★ David Dobrikby Phoebe D
"You're just saying that because you don't believe in true love." "No, I'm saying that because I don't believe in happy endings" Charlie Bennet and D...
  • vlogsquad
  • jasonnash
  • marvel
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Destroyed (Septiplier x Reader) by AverageFanfiction
Destroyed (Septiplier x Reader)by Howelliplier
WARNING: Contains gore, violence and graphic/depressing parts, possible panic attacks and harsh words. Read at your own risk. CRINGE ALERT Depressed, sensitive, and has...
  • herblore
  • markiplier
  • youtubers
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Joe Sugg | Imagines by sara1chupeta
Joe Sugg | Imaginesby Saraaa
The best Tumblr imagines about Y/N and Joe Sugg. *selection of imagines from all fandoms on Tumblr. Shout out to them <3*
  • pointlessblog
  • fanfic
  • jaspar
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He Loves Me... Not? || Jaspar Fanfic (Caspar lee x Joe Sugg) by justahugefangirl
He Loves Me... Not? || Jaspar gnarly♥
"Friends can cuddle, right?" I asked, inching closer to Joe. "Yeah." Joe said, opening one eye adorably to look at me. "They can kiss too?"...
  • joe
  • boyxboy
  • youtuber
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off limits | D.D. by welphoe
off limits | Layla
"david i'm not messing around she's off limits" "shut up corinna"
  • dobrik
  • youtubers
  • hijazi
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Corey Has A Sister?!{Colby Brock Fanfic} by RealDezily
Corey Has A Sister?!{Colby Brock MissinDezzzz
Desiree Scherer isn't your average teenager. Although She's the younger sister of Corey Scherer, she's been through thick and thin all by herself. She's rode many rolle...
  • aarondoh
  • samgolbach
  • sam
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instagram → alex ernst by 5secondsofsykes
instagram → alex ernstby g
ernst started following you. ernst liked your post. ernst liked your post. ernst liked your post. ernst commented: 😍😍😍🔥🔥 // in which a boy from youtube is infatuate...
  • alexernst
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  • lizakoshy
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Adopted by Elton Castee (TFIL, Colby Brock Love Story) by writingWeirdo1226
Adopted by Elton Castee (TFIL, writingWeirdo1226
(COMPLETED, Sequel Coming Soon) I was always the lonely, unloved, orphan girl who's own siblings didn't want her. I felt like I was destined to be alone and unloved fore...
  • sad
  • tfil
  • samgolbach
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just a fan ; grayson dolan  by -drizzydolan
just a fan ; grayson dolan by amber
"I'll never meet him, I will never be able to touch him, I will never be able to breath the same air as him, and the worst part is that he doesn't even know I exist...
  • viners
  • graysondolan
  • fanfiction
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Heart of Glass// Ethan Dolan✅ by LoveDestinyHope
Heart of Glass// Ethan Dolan✅by J.J. Echo
When Cara McDaniel's mother gets an opportunity to earn triple her salary in New Jersey, she drags Cara and everything they own to Long Valley. At first, Cara hates the...
  • fanfiction
  • newjersey
  • aaroncarpenter
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markiplier imagines by _cybernate
markiplier imaginesby N
**FINISHED** idk how well this is gonna go down, lol it's basically somewhere for me to write down all my daydreams about mark🤙🏼 *I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC USED IN THIS S...
  • markiplier
  • imagine
  • markfischbach
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Let Me Be Your Hero -PewDiePie x Reader- by kuuinimei
Let Me Be Your Hero -PewDiePie x kjxllbxrg;
YouTube is life for you. You always stop by at YouTube everytime if you feel depressed or just simply, sad. You always dreamed to become a YouTuber. What if, your dream...
  • pewds
  • youtuber
  • pewdiepie
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What Life Would That Be? (Markiplier x Reader) by InnasaurXD
What Life Would That Be? ( Markiplier's Kohai
Markiplier x Reader My first story so if it sucks im sorry lol
  • markiplierxreader
  • markedwardfischbach
  • xreader
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That One Football Player (Miniminter x Reader) by iEmi55
That One Football Player ( iEmi
It all starts with the Sidemen FC vs the Youtube Allstars Charity football/soccer match. Y/N is the only girl playing in the match, and she is on the Youtube Allstars, a...
  • mm7games
  • mm7
  • xix
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All Nighter // Colby Brock  by nikkijoe2
All Nighter // Colby Brock by nikki.joe
Allison and her friends happen to unknowingly bump into TFIL on one of their many explorations. After spending the night together at an abandoned town, friendships begin...
  • romance
  • coreyscherer
  • youtuber
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The Time Traveler // d.h.  by Desi990
The Time Traveler // d.h. by ♡ deisiree ♡
A story about love between an unknowing girl and a man with all the time in the world.
  • phandom
  • danhowell
  • amazingphil
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Trusting you//Grayson Dolan fanfic by brightdolan
Trusting you//Grayson Dolan fanficby Dolan
Isabella has recently just moved to New Jersey and has no clue how much her life will change. She has had trust issues since her last boyfriend and needs someone to chan...
  • ethan
  • drama
  • youtube
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