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Unknown: hey Grayson

You: who is this?
You: how did you get my number?

Unknown: relax antsy pants it's Linoy
Unknown: and I got it from Ben

You: oh
You: well did you need something?

Linoy: no, I just wanted to see how you were doing since you deactivated your Twitter two weeks ago.

You: I'm fine, busy.

Linoy: yeah, I saw that you already left to New York with your dad
Linoy: I'm sorry is this a bad time? Are you going to a meeting or something?

You: no! I'm just a little tired from a banquet I attended with my father

Linoy: want me to let you sleep?

You: no

Linoy: lol good night Grayson

You: good night Linoy
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Linoy: feel better?

You: absolutely

Linoy: that's good, so what are you gonna be up to today?

You: I'm having a free day since my father wanted to go sight seeing by himself
You: which means he's going to see his mistress

Linoy: oh... I'm sorry

You: why apologize? You didn't do anything

Linoy: right... Well does your mom know?

You: no.
You: you live in Chicago right?

Linoy: yuuup I do.
Linoy: why?

You: how would you feel about giving me a tour of Chicago?

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