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New message from Grayson 😴

We haven't talked in almost a week
Why won't you talk to me
Is it because I'm ugly?

Yeah Grayson that is 100% the reason I won't talk to you
Because you're ugly

Well geez what's stuck up your ass



No thanks I like all of my condiments to stay in the cup
Safe and sound

Now is not the time for hidden messages
What's wrong?
You've been acting different
And distant

Well how would you know we haven't talked in almost a week
and I'VE  been distant?


Oh my god
You really are an idiot

Why are you getting pissed at me?

Because I'm doing you a favor that's driving me insane
I know how much pressure your dad has been putting on you
Plus Elle
I can't be selfish & expect you to talk to me 24/7
Except that's what I miss
We talked every single day but I can't be selfish
We both knew our precious little world wouldn't last forever

Why does it sound like you're ending our friendship?
Look I'm sorry I can't talk to you 24/7 but I have responsibilities
And I can't juggle Elle, my dad, Ben, the business, and you.
I'm sorry if me not talking to you hurt your feelings but that's probably how it's going to be from now on
So don't you dare distance yourself from me
You are my best friend & you're important to me

That's what I'm saying
I know things aren't going to be the same but that's what I've been used to for the past five months
So I think giving each other space is what we both need

No don't you dare pull that shit Linoy
Just because things are difficult right now doesn't mean we have to stop talking to each other all together

I need to focus on myself
And so do you
We'll still be friends
But I can't talk to you right now when so much has changed

What has changed?
The simple fact that I can't talk to you every second of everyday is enough for you to end our friendship?
Cause if that's the case than I'm not sure if I want to be friends with someone who can toss our friendship out the window just like that

But it's not simple to me!
I'm not tossing our friendship out the window just like that!
Don't try making me seem like the bad guy when you're the one who lied to me & made me seem like Europe's biggest slut

How many times do I need to apologize for that?
If I could take it all back I would

So you'd take back coming to visit me for Christmas so you could keep your precious little secret from me?

Jesus Christ I wouldn't give anything for that day
I don't know what I can do to get that in your head

I don't know either

Incoming call from Grayson 😴




I'll give you space & what ever else you need
But promise me we will stay friends
I can't lose you
I need your snarky comments & sarcasm
I can't live without it
You're my best friend Linoy
Please don't make it sound like we're never going to be friends again
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New message to Riley 🌹

I'm such an idiot

What did you do?


Did you tell him how you feel?


What did that fucker do?

Not him
I think I just ended our friendship


I didn't end it forever
I just needed space to figure out how I feel
Because it hurts just to even THINK about Elle & Grayson together

I get that it hurts Linoy
Trust me I get it
But think about it from his perspective
He has all of this pressure hitting him from every single direction
Did you ever think that you might be his escape?
That you are the thing he looks most forward to?
He may not be able to talk to you all the time but I know it must kill him when ever he can't
You need to be a best friend to him
You need to support him

I wish I could but I just can't
And that makes me feel so unbelievably shitty because I know how much we depend on each other
But I can't

You're gonna have to
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