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"I don't think I could eat anymore." I said as I set down my third deep dish pizza. My eyes widened at the sight of Grayson, Ben, & Riley already on their sixth. And they weren't stopping any time soon. "How are you already full?!" I shrugged innocently at Ben. "How else is she supposed to stay so skinny?" Riley said with a smirk. I know she was just joking, but it still dug deeper in me than it should've. I frowned & fell silent as Riley & Ben kept making jokes about how I refused to eat so I could stay skinny. My heart stopped once I caught Grayson watching me intently.

How long has he been watching me?

I tore my eyes away from his & focused on my hands in my lap instead of his piercing gaze.

"She'll eat however much she wants, everyones body is different & just because it doesn't match up to your standards doesn't mean there's anything wrong with her." The entire table fell silent at Grayson's harsh tone. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. I hated how easily he was able to read me just based on my facial expressions, something I tried very hard to hide.

"We were just joking-" Riley began but was cut off by Grayson's threatening words, "yeah well I wasn't. Let's go." Everyone stayed still in their seats for a second before eventually following Grayson shortly after. Grayson was already out the door when Ben & Riley began apologizing profusely on our way out, despite my constant reassurance that it was fine.

"Seriously Linoy, we didn't mean to hurt your feelings, we took the jokes too far & we're sorry." Ben said as Riley began apologizing shortly after him.

"Seriously guys it's fine, this isn't high school where I'm obsessed with my body & how I look," I lied. They bought it & eventually we ended up outside where the air changed dramatically. I'm pretty sure we could feel Grayson's anger radiating off his body as he leaned on the window of the restaurant. Once he saw us he began walking to a little street fair we planned on going to that was a couple blocks away. I quickly became a third wheel once Ben & Riley began making out like they weren't in public, which we were. Looking in Grayson's direction I could see every muscle rippling through his tight fitting shirt. I jogged up to him until I was walking right beside him, walking quicker than usual since he had longer legs than me. He seemed so focused in his own mind that he didn't notice I was walking beside him, so I poked his arm.

His eyes softened once they landed on me, but he glanced back in front of him. I poked his stomach this time & tilted my head, successfully making a small smile appear on his lips.

"You okay?" He shrugged & put his hands in his pockets.

"I don't know, I just let my anger get the best of me." I looped my arm with his as we continued to walk down Chicago's streets.

"They were just joking, they didn't mean it." Grayson looked at me with slightly furrowed eyebrows.

"Well, your facial expression certainly said otherwise."

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