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Incoming call from Grayson 😴

Wow so we're calling each other now? This relationship is moving much faster than I expected

I didn't expect for things to move so quickly either, but i don't think it's such a bad thing.

Sounds like the heir is starting to go soft on me...

The heir never goes soft. However you are starting to rub off on me

Are you trying to say I'm soft?!

Well if the shoe fits

It doesn't my feet are too big



That sounded so stupid!

Well it's true

Even if that was true that doesn't make it any less funny Linoy.

If you don't stop laughing at me I'm going to crawl through this phone and rip your throat out!

Well that was extremely vivid... Thanks

Your welcome love.

Love? I'm liking where this is going...

Isn't that what people in France or wherever you are say?

I'm from Italy, but I live in France now, and no we don't say that

Then who am I thinking of?

England maybe?

Yes! That! I've always wanted to go there


Of course, it's cloudy there & not the humid kind we get in here Chicago

Would you like to go?

No money remember?

Full of money remember?

I'm not going to let you spend money on me

Why not?

Because that's not what our friendship is about!

Doesn't mean we can't give each other gifts...

You give a casual present to a friend & an England trip is not casual!
Besides I wouldn't be able to give you a present just as extravagant

Well you're not a casual person to me Linoy
And your mere presence is gift enough.
Tell you what, the day before I turn 18 we go to England together, just you and me

I don't know...

What have I told you about risks?


Say it Linoy

Risks are all we've got.

Take a risk Linoy & agree to go with me to England before I turn 18


Okay. Deal.

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