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As I glanced out to the clouds & the city below, reality decided to finally hit me. Here I was, with Ben, about to visit the boy who was done with having me in his life. I didn't have much time to pack since by the time I decided I wanted to take up Ben's offer, it was already ten minutes before he was leaving. I only had time to pack my essentials, toiletries, & the clothes I was wearing. Ben said I could borrow some of his sisters clothing, something I was grateful for. By the time we landed, all my stomach was doing was erupting in butterflies, hitting every single side of my stomach. Ben said there would be no chance in seeing him today since tonight was the day of the ball, or banquet as he called it.

So my best bet would be to talk to him tonight.

The transportation to his house was so over the top that I was too scared to even get in the car. A large black car picked us up, absolutely spotless. A few paparazzi surrounded the car, Ben's security guards keeping them far away enough that they weren't squishing us to death. However the one thing I was able to pick up on was what one of the paparazzi asked.

"You taking Grayson Dolan seconds?" I knew he was referring to the picture I posted on Twitter. I'm sure more photographers were asking questions along those lines but they were all speaking in French, except for that one paparazzi of course. Ben gave him a dirty look as he motioned me to get into the car.

To say that Ben's house was ginormous would be quite the understatement. Ben's house made all of Chicago look like a puny pathetic sand castle. He helped me get my luggage up the stairs, despite the maids wanting to help me up. After that Ben decided he wanted to be my tour guide for the day, took me all over & had me eat every single Paris delicacy, but he made sure to not push it. By the end of his little tour, I was stuffed & pooped, but we had a ball to go to & I had no dress.

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