no love ♡ lil xan by fakethelove
no love ♡ lil xanby ale 💔
❝love ain't a thing in LA.❞
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  • xanarchy
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romantic,          prettymuch ❨ ✓ ❩. by cloutologies
romantic, prettymuch ❨ ✓ . ✰˚༚✧˳⁺
━━ you make me wanna be romantic.
  • romance
  • prettymuch
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Crashed | c. evans [ 3 ] by ThisCupOfTea
Crashed | c. evans [ 3 ]by Principessa
He crashed into her life like he crashed her sister's wedding. [ chris evans - social media & real life ]
  • chris
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instagram by paynlessnite
instagramby Baby Keisha
(Coco) @niallhoran sent you a follow request @niallhoran is now following ◾◽◾ (Sasha) @harrystyles sent you a follow re...
  • love
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betrayed ♡ lil xan by fakethelove
betrayed ♡ lil xanby ale 💔
❝said she hate my insta feed.❞
  • texting
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catfish➸ivan martinez by pinkbottomharry
catfish➸ivan martinezby louis' babyღ
"The twins don't love me." "Trust me, they do. A lot." or where Ivan catfishes a girl in order to get to know her better.
  • love
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Group Chat (Jarchie) by -gayshipsonly
Group Chat (Jarchie)by A💜
Random texts sent between the cast of Riverdale. Hella gay . You've been warned. p.s. JASON IS ALIVE IN THIS *The characters mentioned in this book are legally owned...
  • reggie
  • smutwarning
  • riverdale
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Instagram||G.D by Hannahauttonxx
Instagram||G.Dby Hannahauttonxx
Watch the relationship between two young social media influencers grow through their Instagram pictures and DM's.
  • romance
  • dolantwins
  • teen
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Messages ;Min Yoongi x Reader[☑️](Edited) by kpop_wifeu
Messages ;Min Yoongi x Reader[☑️]( ツ 박지성 ツ
Unknown- Hey Y/N- you dialed the wrong number Unknown- No I did it on purpose.. Started-May 28,2017 End-June 8, 2017 Cover by:SPICYMOCHI 1s...
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • jimin
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Conversations (Gxg): The Monday Morning Theory by vanillaVDE
Conversations (Gxg): The Monday L.A.
[Completed] "I swear I'm not into you, but can you pretend to be my girlfriend every Monday?" Because meeting at a coffee shop isn't cliché and fake dating usu...
  • dialogue
  • completed
  • vanillavde
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undisclosed ; drarry [✔️] by mikeijuana
undisclosed ; drarry [✔️]by ˗ˏˋ 魂 ˎˊ˗
In which Harry and Draco send messages to one another, neither of them knowing who's on the other end of the parchment. This story is written in text message format (or...
  • skype
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UPDATES EVERYDAY - @harrystyles liked your photo @harrystyles started following you you blocked @harrystyles - a story about two people finding their way back to each ot...
  • harry
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Airian // xxxtentacion 🖤 by gekyumes
Airian // xxxtentacion 🖤by e. 🦹🏽‍♀️
Most chapters are short XXXTENTACION FANFIC ‼️
  • xxxtentacion
  • onfroy
  • jahseh
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wrong number || taekook by -gayshipsonly
wrong number || taekookby A💜
Kim Taehyung is a shy nerdy boy who never thought anyone would ask him out; let alone the most popular guy in his school. But when said guy is late, Taehyung textes him...
  • bts
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STAR | NOAH CENTINEO by sagelucien
STAR | NOAH CENTINEOby ❝ high priestess ❝
━━ in which she is set to co-star in the next premier of to "all the boys i've loved before" but she just can't seem to get along with noah, the sarcastic, a...
  • noahcentineo
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  • colesprouse
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Follow from a model L.S by TwoGhostsLouis28
Follow from a model L.Sby SweetCreatureLouis
Larry instagram story. Louis is a model. Harry is in one direction. Harry get's a follow from a model.
  • dms
  • one
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Unknown texts || kth by yongkimin1
Unknown texts || kthby Lee ha ri
"You looked hot babbbbeeee" "Umm who is this" "You're babeeee" "I think u have the wrong number" "U telling me there is no b...
  • text
  • humor
  • ongoing
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Big boy {VMIN BTS} by Minian-lips
Big boy {VMIN BTS}by 🖤~미니안~🖤
"Are you fucking blind!? She fucking cheated on you in the first place! And not only with Jungkook! With almost the whole school and you didn't even noticed! She...
  • kpop
  • taemin
  • sigaret
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Stranger's Message (Taeyong) by MSjaeyong
Stranger's Message (Taeyong)by MSjaeyong
You got a message from a stranger after your boyfriend broke up with you.. "lets meet up!☺" "No!, I dont even know you.. could you please stop texting m...
  • nct
  • stranger
  • brother
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telegram ➳ michaeng by Deviophile
telegram ➳ michaengby ㅤ
[ epistolary | narrative ] ❝ in which chaeyoung messages telegram users associated with the name mina in hopes to find the real one. ❞ © Deviophile 2k18. PLAGIARISM IS...
  • jeongyeon
  • 트와이스
  • jihyo
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