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Every time I would look at my phone new notifications would appear over the picture I posted of Grayson when he showed up at my house. Many people were tweeting me the sweetest things, others weren't so sweet. Many people were wondering why someone as sophisticated as Grayson would hang out with someone like me. Many people were even suggesting that we were dating, I of course didn't respond to any of the tweets. Instead I focused on having fun with my friends.

With Grayson's hand wrapped around my shoulder & his beanie that he lent me, I was shielded from getting frostbite, at least on my face. We were all walking through the small street fair, admiring the small businesses that sold what ever they wanted, most of them food. Once again, all of my friends had endless amounts of food while I stayed behind eating nothing. It wasn't as if I was purposely not eating, there was just a voice in my head telling me I wasn't hungry.

So I listened.

After we got through the food district, we figured we would all head back to Grayson's apartment & finish the night watching some movies. I noticed Grayson being extra observant to his surroundings. It seemed like he would look over his shoulder ever five seconds, but before I could ask what was wrong, white flashes of light surrounded us. It felt like there were hundreds of cameras around us, all pointing at Grayson asking him so many questions at once I couldn't even understand what they were saying. However, a tall, blonde woman squeezed through the crowd & shoved me out of the way as she wrapped herself around him. Their lips collided the second she came in proximity of him. Grayson was quick to shove her back, but with one look at the cameras, he slung his arm around her. When I turned back, I could see Ben & Riley at the back of all this chaos, they appeared to be arguing over something heated.

Eventually I was pushed out of the tight circle & was right next to Riley & Ben. Riley continued to scream at Ben, occasionally smacking his arm & shoving him. The words, "how could you let this happen to my best friend?" And "do you have any idea how much of an idiot she looks like now?" Escaped her lips, but the only words that were able to reach my ears were the ones that came out of the tall blonde woman's lips when she was asked a question by one of the paparazzi.

"Yes we are dating, have been for three months."

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