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Linoy: WHAT

You: and?

Linoy: Chicago is pretty far from New York
Linoy: and plus I have a shift tonight that isn't over until 10

You: I can just fly over once it gets close to the end of your shift

Linoy: so you're just gonna catch a flight last minute, and fly over to Chicago

You: don't be ridiculous
You: I'm have a private jet
You: being rich has its perks

Linoy: of course it does
Linoy: how long would you be?

You: I have no idea

Linoy: I'm not sure
Linoy: it's all very last minute

You: live a little Lin

Linoy: yeah OKAY
Linoy: Lin? My names Linoy or did your pampered little brain forget?

You: it's just easier and I like it.

Linoy: well then, I guess you're coming to Chicago

Many many hours later

Linoy: you didn't have to bring us to a five star French restaurant. I would've been fine with McDonalds or Taco Bell!

You: okay 1. I have no idea what either of those places are but they're probably horrible, 2. We're sitting in front of each other. Why are you texting me?

Linoy: because that lady scares the shit out of me. Plus it's really quiet in here

You: she is the least intimidating person in here

Linoy: what ever, she's still scary
Linoy: this is pretty hilarious how we're just texting each other while we're right in front of each other

You: it is
You: I just wanted to thank you Lin, I really needed tonight

Linoy: well you're welcome. You aren't that much of an ass either.
Linoy: what time do you have to leave?

You: I've got an hour and a half left.

Linoy: what should we do?

You: we'll just have to see where the night takes us.

I'm back after 13907 years. My iPod came back to life and I've never felt so relieved in my life... Even if it was just a week and a half. Really happy I get to post another chapter of this story, it's one of my favorites atm tbh. Okay well, I hope you all have a great day!! xx

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