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@BlackHeartedBen: please tell me you did not block them gray.

@KingGrayson: Linoy called me pretentious and the other one annoyed me

@BlackHeartedBen: unblock them asshole. They're chill people.

@KingGrayson: why does it even matter if I unblock them??? We live on completely opposite sides of the world. It's not like you'll ever meet them.

@BlackHeartedBen: distance doesn't matter as long as someone's there for you.

@KingGrayson: you realize that made no sense right?


@KingGrayson: you're in Thailand for the next month so I think I'm good.

Conversation deleted

Are you sure you would like to unblock @RileySatansChild and @LinoySvmethin?

                    Yes                 No

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@RileySatansChild: YOU FUCKING BLOCKED ME? you asshole

@KingGrayson: watch who you're talking to. You could be talking to a celebrity or heir or something.

@BlackHeartedBen: Grayson you ain't shit

@RileySatansChild: Says the one who owns three corporations. You guys are millionaires while me and Linoy are small Chicago folk.

@KingGrayson: I'll agree to that.

@BlackHeartedBen: we didn't have a choice on whether or not we wanted to take own business. It's not all glam.

@RileySatansChild: sure beats working at a bar for $5.67 an hour.

@KingGrayson: You voluntarily work for $5.67 an hour?

@RileySatansChild: yup. Me and Linoy have been working there ever since summer. It usually gets busy around this time, something about November just makes everyone crave beer & pancakes at 1 in the morning.

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@LinoySvmethin: Wow I've never been blocked, and than unblocked so quickly before.

@KingGrayson: there's still enough time to block you.

@LinoySvmethin: no wait! You never answered my question.

@KingGrayson: about me being pretentious? I am no such thing.

@LinoySvmethin: well your @ certainly says another
@LinoySvmethin: claiming that you're "a king" is pretty damn pretentious to me. It's like saying that you're the best person on the planet.

@KingGrayson: maybe it's because I am the best person on the planet.

@LinoySvmethin: oh yeah and I'm the wealthiest woman in the world.
@LinoySvmethin: why do you tweet so much but you don't interact with your followers? Are you antisocial?

@KingGrayson: I'll tweet how ever much I want and interact with whoever I want. And no I am not antisocial.

@LinoySvmethin: really? Because I am getting a much different vibe.

@KingGrayson: how could you get a "vibe" from me if we're literally texting.

@LinoySvmethin: because I'm an expert

@KingGrayson: God you're probably the most infuriating person I've ever talked to.

@LinoySvmethin: and you are the richest person I've ever spoken to.
@LinoySvmethin: it's pretty late here in Chicago and since I have work tomorrow, i'm afraid I'll be signing off your majesty. Good night King Grayson!

@KingGrayson: cut the sarcasm.

Another chapter finished!! I just got out of school and I'm so tired but I'm going to a football game tonight so yay :) hope you guys enjoyed this little filler, have a good day guys!!

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